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21% off $100.01+ Spend at Real Nappies


Anyone with a baby on the way and/or thinking about switching to reusable nappies should surely check out this deal. 21% off everything store wide when spending over $100 when using the above code.

Free shipping on orders over $150.

According to the email, this code works on everything including their already discounted bundles which set you up with pretty much everything you need to use reusable nappies 'from birth to potty'. Example:

'Birth to Potty Pack' - $553 with coupon (down from $700)

We used the same nappies for both our kids and they were absolutely great - they have a 'two child guarantee' which definitely lived up to its name.

They also have separate reusable wipe systems for cleaning up after nappies:

All-in-One Kit Reusable Wipes - $95.59 with coupon (down from $120.99)

Lots of other stuff in their store so might be some other bargains there.

I get that reusable nappies aren't for everyone so this probably has limited appeal, but the savings here are good.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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  • Are these any good? I need to do research…

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    We haven't used this brand but have Tilly tinkles. Despite the fact they don't hold as much as disposables so we need to change them more often we havent regretted going reusable. Costs a fair bit upfront but we have saved a fortune by washing them in the hour of power and not sent hardly anything to landfill. You don't realise how many nappies you actually go through until you add it up.

    We do still use some disposables mainly for overnight, when out and about to avoid having to find change tables as much or a day when baby particular likes pooing, but they have more than paid for themselves. Definitely go for disposable liners in the early days, once they get on more solid foods the reusables are an option as you can just chuck the chunk down the toilet and soak the liner until you wash it later.

    • Thanks heaps for taking the time to write all of this down for me, I really do appreciate it :) I haven't gone for this deal but I'm keen on the idea of reusable nappies and I'll keep looking into it

      • If you're on the fence they sell them in most baby shops and supermarkets, you can always look at them and maybe just buy 1 or 2 and see if you don't mind using them before investing a lot of money.

        You'll need a nappy, inserts and liners for each. I think we have microfibre and bamboo or hemp inserts double layered in ours which does a decent job.

  • I think if you are having 2+ kids you should definitely consider reusable, you can also buy used reusable nappies as well.

    Personally we are using disposable nappies for both our children, it costs a lot more and so much goes to the landfill. We don't have any family support so we just took the financial / environmental hit for the convenience factor. You could also just consider going reusable from the age of about 6+ months, because they tend to just poo once or twice a day from that age moving forward (Someone with more experience in reusable can suggest if this would be recommended or not). Our 2 year old now poos once a day at 6pm like clockwork. As they get older you need less nappy changes per day. Our newborn probably has 8-12 nappy changes per day.

    • Thanks that's really good to know. I think it'll come down to the same as you, time and effort in the early days

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