Subscription Options - How To (Or Maybe Additional Functionality)

Hi All,

I am wondering if there is a way to subscribe to the sections under 'pages', such as 'Birthday Deals'?

If so, please can you guide me as to how to do that?

If not, perhaps that could be made an option, similar to being able to subscribe to a deal (discussion) or to this sub-forum discussion.




  • Hi Alan,

    What would you like to subscribe about a page? Whenever someone makes a change?

    • Hi Scotty,

      Yes - that was what I was hoping for.

      As an example:

      From this page ( under 'recent changes' I can see that 'List of Birthday deals/freebies' was last updated on 19/09 at 14:29 by ScoobyNZ (as of the time of this post).

      Ideally (and I have no idea if this is simple or difficult), I would like to have been able to subscribe to the 'birthday deals' page, and have gotten a notification when ScoobyNZ made that change, and also be able to find / see what it was that was changed / added.

      Potentially, the same could work for the 'Fast Food Deals', 'Pizza Coupons' and the 'Wiki' pages if also possible.

      It's definitely not a big deal - just a 'nice to be able to' :-)



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