Amazon Echo V Google Nest Hub - Advice on Special Pricing this weekend.

Hi Cheapies
I would like to purchase either an Amazon Echo 8 or 10 inch or Google Hub Nest Gen 2, 7 or 10 inch.

I would appreciate your advice on which product to buy and why. Also any special pricing, stacked specials available over the long weekend.

Thank you for your help.


  • Depends what you're wanting to do with it and if you're invested into a particular ecosystem already.

    I find Google Home products provide great media integration, Youtube and fantastic integrations into custom home automation setups. But the UI is buggy and I hate the voice assistant

    Amazon Echo has a intuitive AI and more available integrations, shopping lists are better and the products look nicer, but wasn't terrible functional in a NZ context

    I inially tried an Amazon Show 8 but swapped to a Google Hub 7" because I found the media integration was so poor on Amazon and that is what mattered to me the most.

    • Thank you Callum. I do not have any smart devices, home smart connections to make.
      I would like a device that I can put in the kitchen, listen to music, watch Netflix and possibly TV On Demand, dictate lists and email them off to Google or Outlook 365 so that I can print them. I'd like a reasonable sized screen, smallish unit that I can move to other areas easily if I wanted to.

      Really I'd like a unit that provided entertainment while I do other things and could record lists.

      I appreciate your advice.
      Thank you.

  • It sounds to me like you want a basic tablet rather than a smart hub. I got a Galaxy Tab A7 from FB marketplace for $300 otherwise they go for around $450 on sale. There are cheaper tablets too but the cheaper they are the less they do.

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