Specsavers currently not supplying alot of contact lense orders, please be aware

Specsavers canceled my orders for two different types of contacts made by two different companies saying the supplier cannot supply them.
However, they are still advertising on their website that they are still available for ordering.
Looking at Trust Pilot I am not the only one having this issue and takes a month before Specsavers cancel which is poor service, more so when providing a medical product. I am having to use older lenses now which is affecting my near vision sight.

Can anyone recommend a reliable lense seller at the moment? A company that has in stock what they are selling.

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    Haven’t bought in a while, but might be better to use a local supplier (most online one source from overseas and drop-ship)
    I have previously used https://ezyvision.co.nz/ they are local and stock locally too.

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    I have bought from clearlycontacts and lensesonline without any issues.

    • I have not had issues with Specsavers in the past, nor both of those online contact lenses suppliers you mention. It is more a supply issue and poor service by selling what they currently cannot get stock of and deliver. Thanks

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    I used clearly last time because Specsavers took forever, I believe clearly shipped it from aus and I got it within the week and was much cheaper.

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