Looking for good TV Deals

Posting on Cheapies in case anyone got an eye for a good TV deals!

Looking for something around 50 - 55", Ultra HD 4K, Smart/Android TV around $600-700ish (or even lower!).

Had a look at some that looks like a good deal, like:
Veon 50 Inch 4k Ultra HD Smart TV VN50ID70
Konka 50" 4K Smart TV
Kogan 50" 4K UHD Android TV

Would be good to hear if anyone has any experience with any of the TVs I listed above too.



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    The konka and Kogan are both 60hz panels, the FFalcon is 50hz and I can't find any good info on the Veon. Personally i'd stick with 60hz, especially if you're plugging a playstation or xbox into the tv.

    On that note it seems the Kogan and the Veon are android TV, I can't confirm the others but android TV (or lg webOs or samsung tizen) is almost a must if you're not plugging something else into it. At the very least… years down the road if apps dont support the version of android that the tvs ship with (because face it, they wont get updated :( ) (which is also very unlikely as backcompat is a massive part of android these days) … you've got chromecast to keep using the tv with.

    I didn't look too much at prices, labour day is soon so i'd expect some special pricing then.

    I know warranty wise people have had excellent experiences with veon, you do of course, have to go through the warehouse for them and some poor training (imo) does sometimes cause you to have to argue or 'escalate' cga claims through their stores.. But some friendly emails through their online portals are easy and will probably get you further.

    I'd also look into this tv: https://www.pbtech.co.nz/product/TVLGC22150/LG-50UN731C-50-4... (also there's an AR link on lg's site which is neat https://www.lg.com/nz/tvs/lg-50un7340pvc) It's 50hz with black frame flashing so it'll look smoother than the other guys but still not amazing for games etc… Check out the magic remote though (here's some LG ad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXR0D3MzpBM .. The interface has changed but the cursor stuff is still there and really cool imo)

    I'm not associated with lg, but it sure sounds like it eh?

    • Great reply @CheapThingsAreNice

      Only thing I would add is that not only labour day, but also, maybe, deals around late November most years (not sure if that will be different this year due to any supply issues though).


    • Thanks all! Yes definitely, I'm not super rushed into getting it now, but would be good to know products/brands that I can keep an eye out where quality is still good along with good price of course, prepared for when labour weekend/black friday comes along :)

      If anyone else has other input on good TVs to keep an eye on, let me know!

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    none of these options are any good. it apears you have missed the mark here. Good tv Or a cheap one. pick one as you cannot get both. my advice is always this. never cheap out on a television. you will get poor hdr performance, poor black levels etc. if you want something considered "GOOD" you are better off going second hand.

    • What's wrong with the LG 50UN7340PVC (if you can find it)?

      I have always had good experiences with LG (and Panasonic for what its worth).

    • They key when shopping the lower end, when price is the limiting factor, is to replace "good" with "good enough". There will always be shortcuts when a product is cheap, but you can usually pick what you want in the way of features and find something that, for example, has a decent panel but a shit proprietary OS. That is ofcourse harder when shopping for store brand models without knowing the wholesale model.

      As far as OP goes, we got our 50" 4K Veon TV for under $400 on sale last year. It's not a smart TV and the sound is shit, but the panel is good enough for what we use it for. Got a Chromecast with Google TV plus a soundbar and it's all good. Black Friday is next month, so probably be some deals around then…. If anyone has any stock.

      • Yes definitely, I'm not looking for something top of the line or anything, a smart TV with good display and decent sound to watch netflix and occasionally hooked up to PS4 is all I need.

        • Personally, watching Netflix & PS4 on those tv's mentioned above is not recommended as you are sacrificing almost everything from what you should be getting out of Netflix & PS4. Like video quality, sound, refresh rate, lag and OS(responsive)

        • for decent sound i highly recommend a av receiver with speakers. even if you start with a 2.1 or 3.1 system and add from there.

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    Taking in mind your budget, I have gone through a very similar exercise for a TV for the kids rumpus room. And the budget certainly limits your option. If I had at limit just over $1000 I would chose the Samsung AU9000, however for 600. This is what I did.

    I discarded the Falcon as it was not Andriod.
    I discarded the Konka as it was not Andriod (I asked the question about the operating system and support)
    I discarded buying from buying from Kogan, as I was really worried about the support from Australia
    I also considered the Blaunkput from Amazon for 599, however it was too large for my space at 58"

    In the end I went with the Veon - And purchased the VN50ID7021B. Im pretty sure its 60HZ based on other veon panel reviews. I got it on the market, for the 599 price. Just arrived today, and saving for my sons birthday.

    However the swaying for me was, NZ company, 3 year warranty, 60HZ HDR panel with Andriod. Look its not going to be fantastic, but hoping it will be good enough for the rumpus.

    There is nothing in the manual about the refresh rate, Ill check it when I install in a few weeks.



  • black friday coming

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