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Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse $84.55 @ The Market


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Possibly the lowest price ever for this wireless gaming mouse.

You can buy from Noel Leeming directly without the 5% off if you want to pick it up from one of their stores.

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  • Thanks, I've been looking for one for a while now.

  • I've been looking for g604 but it's still only on 155 at Pbtech. It was 109 last month according to pricespy but can't tell if they was a mistake. You guys think 155 is good for g604?

    • Amazon AU has what looks like a returned one for ~$110 and what looks like an open or damaged box for ~$120 AUD, or Amazon US have them for $125 NZD in the same condition. That's if you wanted to go down that route. Descriptions here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?ie=UTF8&docId=1000656...

      • Would prefer local like NL,JB or PB for warranty purposes just in case.. Last router I purchased luckily had warranty but the mechanical keyboard didn't and was a huuge pain to sort out warranty replacement!

        • Yea, fair enough, not worth the hassle for a few bucks. Amazon are usually pretty good when it comes to that though, from what I've experienced.

          • @Kiwi: Oh really, I've never dealt with them. Do you arrange and pay for the return shipping etc?

            • @brownie1: I haven't had to return anything to Amazon AU yet, but a few years back I had a pair of shoes that I'd bought nearly 12 months earlier became defective (One of the laces clips broke, flimsy plastic) so I contacted them and they said they will send a replacement once I've shipped the faulty ones back, and also cover the shipping cost. It ended up costing only slightly less than the items value for the shipping, but they paid it out and shipped the replacement express. Some others on Geekzone have discussed it too, keep in mind that is also for US, but it's likely to be pretty much the same process: https://www.geekzone.co.nz/forums.asp?forumid=48&topicid=258...

              As always though, it's still a risk buying from overseas. I'm happy to take it when, for example, the savings on the purchase would cover or better the cost of buying another one if it failed and couldn't get it replaced.

              • @Kiwi: Awesome, thank you for linking that. Gives me more confidence in buying online. Do you know how to see if Pricespy's $109 (lowest price for G604) isn't a mistake or which shop it was recorded that price for? https://pricespy.co.nz/product.php?pu=5189883 Wondering if it was a mistake or

                • @brownie1: Wonder if it's a store they no longer track. If you click on each store on that page it shows you the changes in price.

      • 502 is great, I just wanted one with the 2.4g wireless dongle+ BT switch bottom on the top or side of the mouse for easy switching between PCs. So far only m720 and g604 has this. All other BT+RF wireless ones have the switch button on the bottom side which is not best for productivity.

  • Damn that is an insane price. (Got an email about it from pricespy this morning)

    Picked one up! :D

  • That is crazy cheap, nice one OP

  • Bought one thanks!

  • Great price, might as well upgrade my wired G502 at work!

  • This is an incredible deal!

  • Yep good deal, I combo'd this with a $20 voucher, so pretty much just got some extra free goodies plus an additional $5 off the mouse.

    Mouse + $20 worth of goodies - $20 referral voucher = $80 delivered (no shipping as I used my free trial for market membership)

    • How'd you get voucher?

      • just refer a friend. i just signed my mrs up

        Its on their website to sort it - otherwise just use this link of mine, and then sign up and you get $20 and i do :)

  • +1

    Oh my god… I don't need it because I bought the wired one like 5 months back to replace my heavily used g502, but this is such a good deal I want to buy it just to have as a backup….. damn you cheapies!

  • All gone. OOS.

  • Yikes just missed out.
    "This quantity is currently out of stock"

  • Thanks, grabbed one for me and a mate. Been using an ancient Logitech mouse for far too long

  • Wanted 2 for work but out of stock :-(

  • Anyone know of somewhere to try price match the noel leeming listing?

  • Looking at that crazy pricing, I suspect it is a pricing error.

    • +1

      It’s not, I picked up my order from Noel Leeming this morning.

      • Most probably screwed up the pricing between the Hero and Lightspeed models

        • That's what I think. txf may got lucky and grabbed it before NL triggered "out of stock" as damage control measure.

  • +1

    OOS just as the $10 off $50 spend voucher rocks up 😄

    • 5% off better than nothing 😆

  • Any chance this comes back in stock?

  • Just saw the $10 voucher and about to but again but the stock is gone lol

  • +1

    Someone already decides to make some money on this, selling for $150~170 on facebook marketplace…

    • +1

      I bet $10 that it is a fellow Cheapie!

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