What's Your Cheap & Effective Cat Flea Treatment of Choice?

There's a ton of different cat flea treatments out there, varying in price, effectiveness, and length of protection.

Wondering if anyone had a recommendation on what brand to go for, how long it lasts, and where to buy from to get the best deal?

We've got two cats and buying flea stuff directly from the vet seems can seem pretty expensive.

Thanks in advance all!


  • Can't speak for a product for cats but we buy our 3 dogs a combo flea/worm from Willowbark Vet.

    Overnight shipping and price is always good.

  • Cheap and effective don't really go together. We use revolution. Covers fleas, mites and most worms. Usually bought from vetpost.co.nz but it's worth checking the other online suppliers for a price check. Sometimes I just get it from our local vet if I am there. Support local and all that stuff.

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    I find the imidacloprid based flea treatments like Advantage work fine. So I get the Vitapet 3-pack from the supermarket for about $30.
    Then there's an easy way to make it 80% cheaper.
    They come in a range of doses, eg. normal sized cat is 0.8ml, dog over 25kg is 4.0ml. But the price is the same for all of them.
    So I buy the 25kg dog ones and pour them into a small glass bottle and measure out 0.8ml which is easy using a 1ml syringe.
    15 months treatment for $30 is pretty hard to beat.

    • Is the concentration of the imidacloprid the same in the 4ml dog treatment as the 0.8ml cat treatment (ie is the actual quantity of imidacloprid the same in each)?

      If so, then brilliant!


      • Yes all the imidacloprid products are the same (100g/L imidacloprid).

    • This is amazing, many thanks for sharing. How do you store the glass bottle - in fridge or just in cupboard?

      • Just in the cupboard, AFAIK it's very stable.

  • I seem to recall there are cat charities which supply very cheap flea treatments such as Cats Protection League in Christchurch; maybe there's one local to you?

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