91: $2.27/lt, 98: $2.47/lt, Diesel: $1.49/lt @ Gull (Greville Road, North Shore, Auckland)


I don't really remember seeing any reason why, but I just filled up on Greville Road and the Gull is 25c cheaper than the Z.

Later drove past a Mobil and it was still 21c up.

There doesn't seem to be any specific promo happening, just cheap fuel which knocked almost 20% off the price of my 70L diesel fill.

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  • Just drove past a Mobil who was 1.70 for diesel and 2.7x for 98.

    So definitely particularly cheap, unsure if all Gull or just Greville Road.

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    So basically, you're just saying Gull is cheaper than the competition. Not really a deal and nothing new here.

    • Every time I check Gaspy, Gull is always cheaper. Why is that? What is the catch?

      • No catch unless you regard (many of their stations being) unmanned as a catch?

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    And gull Portage Road is even cheaper. This isn't a deal, it's just their normal fluctuating price and not worth a post.

    Also gonna point out most people run 91 in their cars, not 98..

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    Just use Gaspy.

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      Yes that's true, but there are still lots of people who do not know some Gull stations will do 10cents off discount every weekend. That monthly discount day is no longer special.

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    People here were gagging for the 10c cheaper on Thursdays that popped up every month, and presently it's 25c cheaper and you're having a whinge.

    The 91 is also 25c cheaper.

    I run on diesel but had to buy 98 yesterday so those were my focus.

  • My car uses 95…usually not much price difference in 95 nor for a 98 car. Price fluctuates quite a lot for 91 though

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      Gull 98 is the part ethanol stuff, many people stay away from it.

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        I have always avoided Gull for this reason. I have always gone to BP and accumulated points to turn into Qantas points which I can spend on their online store or even upgrade from economy when the borders open

      • yep, the ethanol boosts the octane of 95 gas to make it "98".
        We don't have E10 like Australia, where they just mix it with 91 which turns it to 94 octane (just a bit below 95 or sometimes 95)

        • What is the issue with Gull's 98 - what is the risk?

          Is there any way to know whether a given make / model of vehicle would be okay with it?

          If I were to ask the manufacturer (assuming I can even get an answer), will they just play it safe and say something like:

          "Don't use Gull's 98 - Use a 'real' 98 instead"



          • @Alan6984: Basically there's no drama if you have a modern car. Modern being like 2000s+.

            The ethanol eats at rubber and organic materials, and they don't use organic materials in modern mainstream car engines.

            EG I have a 1968 Morris Minor that takes at least 95 (as a replacement for leaded) and I can't use it because it will eat away at my valve seals.

            If you have a Lamborghini or something, then maybe check with your manufacturer as they may have random bullshit in there that will be problematic.

            That being said, it also has a slightly lower energy density than petrol, which means slightly worse fuel economy but it's so small a difference that you won't actually notice, and it especially isn't enough to make the price difference not worthwhile.

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    Don't get the back lash on this, finding stuff that is cheaper is surely the main point of this site.

    Why does fuel get to be this special thing that can only gets to be a deal if the company that is selling it presents it as such?

    Upvoting even though I drive a Leaf :)

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      Maybe in a discussion thread? Not a deal.

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        If it's cheaper it's cheaper. Again don't really see why fuel is treated different to anything else on here.

        If it's not cheaper then sure but that doesn't seem to be the point any of the down voters are making.

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    controversial post!

    … should put "Auckland" in the title though :D

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    I think the title could be clearer "Gull (location),(Auckland) (then the prices for the various grades)" but it's clearly a decent deal, some stations are charging that amount for 91. Our local BP is $2.579 for 91 as an example, not that we've paid for petrol for a while thanks to Waitomo.

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      Yep, sorry, I was standing at the pump with phone in hand.

      Now on my desktop, un momento.

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        I don't buy petrol. Upvoted for clearer wording.

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      Yes if it was clear from start wouldn't have been an issue.

  • Damn, North Island has 20c difference between grades.
    In the South it's usually only 10c difference.
    Currently it's $2.197 for 91 and $2.297 95 at Gull in CHC.

    • Yeah, but Wellington starts at $2.40, $2.50 in some places.. I didn't realise we had a region fuel tax here..

  • Its similar here in Waipukurau (Hawkes Bay) its $1.45 for diesel at Gull but $1.62 at mobil and caltex.

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    Interesting that this fuel deal post is causing so much controversy at Cheapies! If we look at our cousins at Ozbargain, it's quite common to post a fuel deal for a specific petrol station (servo if you're Aussie), especially if it is a significant discount from the usual price like this current deal. But then again, it is a general knowledge that an average consumer would know Gull is cheaper than most competition in the same area or suburb majority of the time. What doesn't help is the OP's price is not the cheapest in Auckland as other pointed out (Gull @ Portage Rd is the cheapest). I understand both side of the argument, so I'm on the fence on this deal.

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      Yeh for sure, but it's a deal for that specific area of Auckland. Some people don't understand this concept and drive across half the city to a region to get fuel and don't realise you are actually consuming more fuel than you are in the savings on said fuel.

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        its not specific to auckland as my comment above its also similar or cheaper here in Hawkes Bay ill be taking pics of the current prices here within the next couple hrs to post.

  • gull base price is usually lower but after the loyalty/promo discounts the other stations are usually cheaper (esp if competing with a nearby gull).

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    Heres the petrol Prices for Waipukurau (Hawkes Bay)

    Sorry if the images are to small just zoom in if ya can.

    Caltex https://i.postimg.cc/BQgJ7Vwy/petrol-1.jpg

    91: $2.41.9
    95: $2.58.9
    Diesel: $1.65.9

    Gull https://i.postimg.cc/NjjB3k30/petrol-2.jpg

    91: $2.25.7
    98: $2.45.7
    Diesel: $1.45.7

    Gull havent changed upped their price in over 2 weeks now.

  • Hopefully, you've all heard of the Gaspy app.

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