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20% off @ Animates


It seems to work on everything (including prescription food) except items that are already on sale.

Unsure if it has an expiry date or if there is a limit on how many times you can use the code from the same account.

Free shipping over $79 or click and collect is free too

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    Hmmm after comparing prices around a few sites, like pet.co.nz, petdirect.co.nz and petpost.co.nz, petpost was still cheaper.

    • Animates do price match.
      I generally do that since animates is a physical store near me

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      Had a look at petpost.co.nz but they were over $30 more than Animates for the same brand/size of food we buy. Might look at them again if they're on special at some stage

      • yeah I always shop around a bit also refer to trademe sometimes because vets will sell on there also and sometimes cheaper than the online stores. Depends what you are getting and who has specials running

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    Managed to get Buy one get one half price on Fish products, also 20% off and free shipping even though I was well under the $79. Saved $25.

  • Just found out that our vets charged us twice the price Animates do for diet food! Rip off. Go Animates.

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      Yeah but that's the old "buy local" argument. Animates is a large company. It's like buying your product at a supermarket compared to the local shop. Your vet won't have access to the wholesale pricing that Animates does.

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        Our vet lives in a multi million dollar house up the hill. Don't use the "buy local" argument. Maybe a 10% increase in price but twice the price is a total rip off.

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          house is irrelevant in this, they earned that house through hard work of being a vet and running a business.
          Like kiwical said, its more expensive due to low volume they purchase from a supplier and they mark up for conveince like a dairy does.

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            @Kdzc83: Really? A 100% profit margin over Animates price is hardly hard work.

            We spend thousands at our vets but no loyalty discount is ever given. Who wants to buy local when they take advantage of regular customers.

            Well done Animates, we now have a regular order being delivered to our door at no cost and we save $40 per bag of cat food.

        • the rich ones own the business. most of them are still paying off their student loan

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      Animates food isn't that cheap either except when they have sales, try pet.co.nz or petdirect.co.nz

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      same reason the local dairy is more expensive than the supermarket. they're stocked for convenience rather than to sell high volumes for profit

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    Pet direct is by far the cheapest - even better is you use a referral code for $10 off. Here’s mine: rachelt440

  • Stacks with their current 15% off sale! I just bought a $330 dog crate for $264!

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