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Casually scrolling through the Noel Leeming app and saw that they have the SanDisk Extreme 64GB microSD card for $17.19 (CSC pricing).

Started looking around elsewhere to see what the standard NZ price is. Then saw that The Warehouse sells em and that Pricetrend NZ sell a lot of microSD cards at a great price.

Tempted to do some pricematching @ The Warehouse if they’re legit.

Looks to be an Aussie store that has a local office: Waiuku Road, Pukekohe Auckland 2678, New Zealand

Looks like they have quite a few posts on OzBargain too.

Anyone used em in NZ?

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    Haven't used them personally, but:
    They don't seem to be an NZ registered company, so no CGA, etc.
    They are charging 10% GST, so Aus GST.
    Shipping cost is pretty high, so would likely be coming from Aus or Asia.
    NZ domain has been registered for about 6 months, so relatively new.
    Have copied and pasted their "Website Terms of Use" from a previous site they used to run/name they used to operate as:

    None of those are necessarily red flags though.

    • Thanks for that Shaw. May not be successful then if I ask for a pricematch. Worth a try anyway.

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