Network Attached Storage Recommendations

Need some NAS recommendations to store all my files. My external HDD recently failed so looking to store everything on a NAS. Also recommendations for HDD for NAS thanks


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    If you are reasonably onto it, and have a spare / old PC lying around (and old disks if you have them), you can do it for free, and have a powerful 'NAS' to boot :-)

    All you need is a pretty much any old PC from the last ten years (maybe older) that can accommodate two (or more) disks.

    Install something like Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS (or whatever your preference might be) onto it, and mirror the drives (redundancy - you'll only get the capacity of the smaller of the two drives if using only two) or if more than two setup RAID5 (say).

    You'll have a very powerful 'NAS' with plenty of control and options for free (or just the costs of the disks if you had to buy them).

    If you aren't comfortable with the tech, then probably best to buy an off the shelf appliance.


    • Thanks Alan - the only spare pc I have is running Windows 98 and is super slow so I dont think that would work. So looks like I will be buying one off the shelf

      • Fair enough :-)

  • If you want cheaper option and only plan for backups and not for streaming or something you can use raspberry pi and load nas software on it.

  • Another cheap option: Buy a second hand PC on TradeMe (say).

    I haven't got any listed right now (so no conflict of interest!) but when I do, they are generally around $50 with an activated Win10Pro license (they would easily run Ubuntu 20.04LTS as an example).

    Most of mine would only have one disk bay, so maybe not specifically what you would want, but you'd pick up something that would suit around that price level, maybe slightly more I would think.

    If you wanted to go a single disk approach, and you have offsite / cloud storage already (so no additional marginal cost), then one disk might be okay anyway - backup locally to that machine (fast over your local network), then let it send everything offsite at whatever pace makes sense (maybe overnight every day for example).



  • Synology make great stuff. However, I ended up just using a PC as it is more powerful and cost effective. If you're looking for a cheap PC that will do the job then check out PB Tech's ex-lease pcs. They regularly discount them by around 40% and many come with windows pro. Add an SSD and you have a great machine for cheap.

  • Freenas is great if your capable of using the terminal and troubleshooting yourself

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    I ended up getting the DS920+ thanks

  • Depending on your needs another option is an external HDD plugged into your router. Many routers support usb arched network storage. Also you can buy hdd enclosures that support Ethernet.

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