[PS4,PS5,XB1,XSX,PC,Switch] $10 Manager's Special: Judgment (PS5, XSX) and More C&C /+ Delivery @ EB Games


PS5 and XSX Judgement $10
PS4 and Switch Ion Fury $10
MotoGP 21 $10
& More

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  • Ion Fury is outstanding,

  • Awesome! Just picked up MotoGP and Judgment. Is there any way to see these games on sale? I sorted by cheapest and by promotion but Ion Fury never showed up in either search, but it did when I searched for the game itself.

    • Ion Fury Switch is the second result in the link I posted, is it not there on yours?

      • Oops, I just went straight to the EB website rather than clicking on the link. I see everything now.

  • Thankyou

  • Thanks! Always seem to be too late to get any of the cheap switch games at EB but grabbed a copy of MotoGP this time

  • Ion Fury and Moto GP on Switch say they are available for delivery but at checkout they say not available :(. Oh well.

    • Ion Fury seems to be back in stock now for delivery on switch. Just ordered a copy.

  • Thx! Ordered MotoGP and Moving Out, both on Xbox cheers

  • Damn I missed Judgement for PS5, it’s available but not in Wellington for click and collect Or home delivery…anything I can do??

  • Thanks OP bought motoGP and judgement.

    MotoGP is just hard to play.

  • Got MotoGP played it for 10 minutes and returned, the skill floor for that game is ridiculous!

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