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10% off Online Membership Subscriptions: $10.80/Mo or $13.50/Mo (With Magazine) at Consumer NZ


Planning a project? Join Consumer in October and we'll give you 10% off as well as a free copy of our latest renovation themed magazine.
Special Offer: Get 10% off.

Any discounts will apply to the first payment only. Excludes Digital Passes(i.e. 7 day membership).We will continue to automatically charge your credit card the full price until you cancel your membership. You can do this at any time. Limited to first 500 redemptions.

Digital Only:

$12 monthly Less $1.20 Discount = $10.80

$30 3-monthly Less $3 Discount = $27

$100 yearly Less $10 Discount = $90

$180 2-yearly Less $18 Discount = $162

Online + Magazine Membership

$15 monthly Less $1.50 Discount = $13.50

$40 3-monthly Less $4 Discount = $36

$120 yearly Less $12 Discount = $108

$215 2-yearly Less $21.50 discount = $193.50

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  • Who's keen to share a membership haha

    • I'd be keen haha

      • Any other takers? Thinking a 2 year sub

        • I'm keen too!

          • @brownie1: Phenomenal I can't message you, do you both want to flick me a pm with your email and I'll get in touch?

            • @Jimmie: Seems like I can't message you either.. Is it even possible on this site? @jimmie and @phenomenal ?

  • I wish they would offer a digital pass that made more sense. Something like $5 for 24 hours. Currently it's either $20 for 7 days, or $12 for 30 days (sub then cancel).

    • There's a good reason for that - people often don't cancel subscriptions. With one-off access people just grab as much as they could and never come back again.

  • +3

    Siterip anyone?

    • +1

      I've thought this many times.

  • +1

    These magazines are available in libraries fyi

    • Yeah, should be available for free on the Libby app with your library card.

      • Just checking out Libby now with my partners library card. Can't find Consumer NZ in search though unfortunately. Connected to Hamilton City Libraries. Any suggestions?

  • Someone changed my headline, "Any discounts will apply to the first payment only." So not discounted every month, I went for a year. I also cancel membership straight away and wait for the next deal, the discounts used to be better.

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