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My friend and I have a small business that trades a wide assortment of random (mostly used) goods.

Primarily machinery, IT and vintage stuff (or both), but we recently got a large supply of brand new workwear so finally built a website so we can move away from selling on TradeMe.

It took ages but we've now got a lot of them up, and am offering free shipping in the category with a $40 spend.

Use the code Workwear when you spend $40 or more on products in the workwear category and get free shipping on small goods.

We tried to make an effort to be the cheapest for anything we sell (assuming we could find a business selling it).

But it's also a fun place to keep an eye on for products you won't find elsewhere, like we recently picked up some brand new avionics, and have sold lab machinery like X-rays in the past, all the way through to the huge 6M Wall-E pictured on the website outside my house and old vintage radios, gramophones, sewing machines and the like.

The site will continue to further flesh out, we have a lot of stock that isn't yet listed and are adding stuff as fast as we can.

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  • You've got some interesting stuff there. Will be bookmarking your site and keeping an eye on it.

    • +1

      Good to hear.

      Heh, the best stuff is yet to come. Listing just takes a long time as a lot of it is one-off items, and it's no quicker to list a single item than it does to list an item with a thousand in stock.

      Some pretty cool stuff coming, a huge collection of Eclair Cameflex 16/35 cameras, motors and film reels (new and used, ex Navy so possibly have some very cool footage on them from the 60s and 70s). Several radiograms and radios from the 30s-70s. Desktops. Engineering tools like a bench lathe, and a cast iron table saw from the 30s. Modern flight instruments. Art. Lots and lots of art. A brand new dry imager etc.

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