Cheap Bulk Cat Food (Fancy Feast for Fussy Cats!)

I was able to buy a few 24 packs of fancy feast tins for our cat a few months ago from 1-day for < ~$20 for each through 1-day + zip discounts..

Nowadays everything is much more expensive.

Those of you with very particular felines, how do you bulk buy fancy feast?


  • Bought like 80 cans from Animates a few weeks ago - was like $1.08/can incl. shipping.

    Sounds like your 1-day was slightly cheaper

    • It may taste strange, but…

      250 calories
      42g of protein

      Can't beat that nutrition for $1! Bon Appetit!

  • As a general rule, those brands that are usually sold 'expensive' but are actually relatively cheap (ingredient-wise), will go on sale regularly, since they can afford it due to big margins.

    My advice would be to just wait. From the above, my guess is that you would see them for about $1.00 each a few times a year if you look around. If so, then buy enough to last for, say, six months until the next deep discount comes along. I'm no expert on pet food, but I would think they'll last years? If you want to test to be sure, set aside one now, and open in a few years time :-)

    Good luck!


  • Maybe consider switching to some not so particular felines…haha

    • +1

      My experience of many cats over the years is that they will eat almost anything - you just need to persuade them by not giving them any choice.

      Hunger is the best sauce :-)

      Worst case, if they are truly hungry, they'll feed themselves unless you physically restrain their movements. There are always rodents around wherever you live even if you'd prefer to think otherwise.


      • Our cat takes the 'angry toddler' approach if she doesnt get what she wants. Trust me, i'd love to switch her to a brand that doesn't produce a single tin every day!

        • You always have a choice, although admittedly it might have been an easier one a while back ;-)

        • They meow at you until you give them what they want? That's just operant conditioning.
          We used to offer the feline overlords "Dine" which it permitted by not decimating the fellow rodents.
          It's much tastier than the Fancy Feast which appears to be blended morsels; with "Dine" you can actually see the ingredients. The canned seafood tuna one was decent (even for rodent and human consumption!)

          • +1

            @Senior Mouse: she starts climbing on stuff and knocking things over, swatting at houseplants… She knows exactly what shes doing.

  • I'm pretty sure The Warehouse do those for like $10 for 8 from time to time, could then wait until they stack with a giveit (Market Club?) pet food code, plus a spend $x get $x off, plus either a zip promo or the 5% off warehouse money discount if you have it.