Firestick 4k Amazon Au How to Ship to Nz

Hi, this product is on sale on amazon AU.

My question is how do we get item shipped to nz? Amazon nor jb hifi AU will ship this product to nz


  • I'm keen on modding one

  • I guess your best option in that case is to just ask someone you know in Aus to forward it to you. Usually everyone knows someone over there. I am a bit surprised Amazon won't ship it. At the moment it's showing out of stock on Amazon, maybe that is the issue?

    • It's out of stock when you put nz address. In stock when you put OZ address

  • Amazon US and then use a drop shipper.

    such as:

  • What are you planning on using it for? I bought a 4k one at the start of the year through grabone, and over time have not used it much. I find streaming slow over it, and certainly not fast enough for 4K which it's main selling point over other versions for me. But ymmv I guess.

    • Trying out Kodi. Use my vpn to watch fta TV from other countries (hopefully)

      How much was it?

      Wouldn't your Internet or the hdmi connection on the TV be the bottleneck here?

    • You can mod(jailbreak)them check it out