Philips Sonicare G2 Optimal Gum Care Brush Heads, White 2 Pack - $9.99 @Shavershop


I think this is the best price recently. 2 packs is only for $9.99 (NZD)
Even the Costco AU on sale, it would be 6 packs for about $36 (AUD)

Free shipping for over $50, so I bought 6 * 2 packs.
NZ Post is fast. Sunday night placed order, Tuesday morning received.

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  • So cheap! Thanks for sharing.

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    If anyone is after cheaper oral B floss action heads, price beat these at the warehouse;
    Price Beat;

    $17.99 for 4 heads.

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      For anyone who hasn't got a power brush yet, you can probably consider this.

      Oral-B Pro100
      Price beat


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        Bought both the Brush and the action heads pricematching successfully. Thanks @Foodie and @xsoldier.

        For any newbies, For pricematching

        • Login to the warehouse website
        • Add respective items to your cart
        • Open the chat option
        • Provide competitor product URLS with cheaper prices
        • Provide your login email to the agent - they will apply a discount on to your cart
        • Complete purchase with the discount
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          I brought 4 packs lol, should last me a while. Floss action are my preferred heads.

  • How do we do price beat btw?

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      I just asked the checkout operator in store. They checked with manager. I saw the screen and they have a price beat option directly on screen with 10% off option.

  • you guys are legends for quoting the pricebeat locations!
    For those of you who have used both a Philips electric toothbrush and an Oral B electric toothbrush, which one do you prefer better?
    I have an Oral B and prefer that only because they're well established and that I can trust they'll continue to create the same fitting brush heads.
    I'm afraid to move to any other brand worrying that they could be discontinued, but I can see the Philips brush has been out for a while.

    • I prefer Philips over Oral B. I like the pulsating action rather than circular motion. Feels more natural to me. Have been using Philips for more than 15 years now. Tried Oral B once but went back to Philips. It's just personal preference I guess. Both are good.

      • Same here. Have used both but love Philips more.

  • Anyone have any experience with these heads? It sounds like they're softer than the others.

    There's a single c&c location in Auckland - Sylvia Park.

  • I have an oclean and can highly recomend it. way better than my oral b 3000. I havn't used a philips before, so i cannot comapre it.

  • This is a great deal for those of us using Sonicare.
    Got two packs and picking up at Slyvia Park.

    • I tried to phone them multiple times to pickup but I don’t get an answer.

      • Oh thats not good.
        How does the pick up in Slyvia Park stores work under current Level 3?
        You ring them and they bring it out to the Car Park? You can't go into that part of the mall?

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          Yes, you can collect from Carpark 2 between 9 and 2pm

  • any good deals on the sonicare base?

    • I bought mine from a store on Trademe. $249. Cheaper than it gets in normal stores.

      • hmm ok thanks