Free KFC Popcorn Chicken Snack Box before 4pm (Region Specific, Must Show Proof of Vaccination) @ KFC


As more and more Kiwis get vaccinated, there’s been one major complaint on the day - nobody gets a lollipop at the end like they used to…

Well not anymore! To sweeten up getting the jab, KFC are giving vaccinated Kiwis a FREE Lolli-Popcorn Chicken Snack Box!

For 2 weeks, starting Wednesday 13th October, simply show us proof of being vaccinated, such as a vaccine card and you will be eligible for 1 x FREE popcorn chicken snack box.

Limit one per customer, offer is valid until 4pm. Only available through drive thru or instore (Level 2 stores).

Each region will be eligible to receive their FREE popcorn chicken snack box on 2 days over the 2 week period. Available in Drive Thru and instore (Level 2 stores only).

Listen daily to ZM or Flava at 2pm where you can here all the Vaxx Facts from a line up of experts or check back here the day before to find out where the next day’s region will be.

Region Dates:
Wednesday 13th October – Waikato and Bay of Plenty
Thursday 14th October – Christchurch and Hawkes Bay
Friday 15th October – Manawatu and Dunedin
Saturday 16th October - NATIONWIDE
Sunday 17th October - no information
Monday 18th October – Auckland, Northland and Wellington

There will be an announcement of the particular regions of where customers can claim their FREE
Popcorn Chicken Snack Box made at 2pm the day before before on ZM and Flava radio stations, on and on the KFC New Zealand Facebook page. Once announced, customers will have 1
day to claim their FREE product at the specified regions. The regions include:

Hawkes Bay
Auckland & North of Auckland

Link for full T&C:

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    If you can eat popcorn chicken without any thought of what's in it, you can get a vaccine - KFC spokesperson said

  • Bugger. Didn't keep my vaccine card.

    • I never got given one.. when I asked them, they said its just a booking card

      • Oh true that's what I was given as well. Just the ol' booking card.

        • Had my second today and didn’t have the original card, so they filled out another one for me without asking

    • +3

      You can get proof of your vaccination here

      Although does say it takes up to 10 days so chicken might be gone by then!

      • Thanks, requested via email. Hopefully its quicker :x

    • +9

      You can actually create an early access vaccine passport on which has your vaccination record

      • Never seen this! Amazing

      • Can you get the vaccination record thru managemyhealth?

        • No, govt one is My Health Account

      • This is cool! Cheers 😊😊

      • Good one. Worked for me.

      • +1

        Should post as a deal, it's free after all 😁

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    waiting for the day of Auckland region

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    ‘There will be an announcement of the particular regions of where customers can claim their FREE Popcorn Chicken Snack Box made at 2pm the day before on ZM and Flava radio stations, on and on the KFC New Zealand Facebook page. ‘

    Not sure I want to eat my KFC made at 2pm the day before? 🤔

  • Just what we need, more queues at KFC - the line is already out and blocking up the road, let alone freebies.

  • LOL

  • I know free is free but I don't think i'd queue up for a little popcorn chicken lol good on them for doing this though

  • I cackled at this. great stuff

    • +4

      Bribery as in a private company piggybacking off of a trending topic for cheap exposure/marketing?

    • +6

      Pretty sure I saw Jacinda meeting with the Colonel last week

  • Just FYI the drive-thru queues may become so long that you waste more in petrol (and time) than this thing will cost.

    • especially since the fuel price has increased to $2.5/L today for 91

  • The price is $5.99 if it helps to decide that it's worth the effort or not.
    You get Popcorn Chicken pieces and regular chips

    • Yikes!, pretty sure theyre like $3.90 here. is that an auckland tax?

  • +1

    Imagine if everyone got the KFConsole for free instead

  • Don't think KFC were ready for this…. two of us, both vaccinated, drive through, staff didn't know if we could order 2.

    In the end, they said yes, and didn't even ask to see vaccination cards.

  • -3

    Are you more likely to die from a safe vaccine or from the floor swept offcuts from the pink slime pump

  • Merged from Free Popcorn Chicken Snack Box @ KFC nationwide
    Go to Deal

    To celebrate Super Saturday the post-jab lollipop everyone deserves will be available NATIONWIDE on October 16th! Whether you've got one jab or two, just show us your vax card or sticker and redeem your free Popcorn Chicken Snack Box. Grab your crew or bubble buds and get in quick, offer is only available until 4pm!

    T&Cs apply. #rollupyoursleevesNZ and let's get vaccinated!

    • +1

      A nice gesture, but I value my time far too much to be sitting in a drive thru queue for hours.

      • +1

        i would hate to be in that queue only to be told its sold out.

    • I don't have no car for none of these offers

      • I visited a KFC on Wednesday & it was 1 person in the store at a time, no line so try your luck.

    • +1

      Took about 35-40 minutes Otahuhu KFC. They didn't ask to see our vaccine cards. Popcorn chicken boxes were pretty empty.

      • +1

        works both ways, you didn't ask to see the box!

        • Lol very true. Not a bad lazy Saturday deal for lunch combined with a zinger burger.

          • @Ephixaa: i hope you used the survey code too for free chips and drink!

  • Seems KFC Lincoln Road didn't want to participate "Store is closed for refurbishment will be reopening 5th November 2021" 😜