USB C Hub for MacBook

Hi guys, I have a 2020 macbook pro which i connect to tv and operate it with usb mouse.

Currently i have the Satechi usb c pro hub but the problem is, it keeps playing up with my wifi. I have tried all 4 ports of my laptop and i have tried 2.4 and 5 wifi but same problem.

Can somebody please advise what hub are they using for hdmi that doesn’t affect wifi, thanks heaps.


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    Nucleum by kingston works fine for me, but I’m not using it in the same way you are.

  • Be careful with M1 macbooks and USB C docks, especially if the TV is either high refresh rate or high resolution. macOS has pretty bad issues with recognising displays still so it definitely pays to read through the reviews of whatever is posted here.

    • Luckily my one isn’t M1, thanks for the info though