17% off Fresh Avocados @ Grower Outlet


Special cheapies coupon code for an extra 17% off our specials: CHEAPIES17.

Deals like:
2.5kg Mixed Box of Avos (20% OFF + 20% MORE AVOS)
4kg Mixed Box of Avos (20% OFF + 20% MORE AVOS)
Jumbo and Large Avos (+3 FRUIT FREE PER BOX)

We've moved to Post Haste for better delivery times.

Shipping costs: North Island Urban: $4 / North Island Rural: $8
South Island Urban: $5.50 / South Island Rural: $9.50

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  • Sweet thanks, applied this to my subscription

  • you can get fresh nice ones from countdown for $5 for 1kg
    or go to paknsave for cheaper green/purple ones

    • +12

      Hi Kenkade, there is absolutely no comparison in size, freshness and taste between our home orchard avocados and the ones in the supermarket. Their avos are normally 2nd or 3rd grade avos and go from the grower, to a broker, to the market (cool stored), to the supermarket, to then be put out on the shelves by their staff. So many hands! Our avos go from the grower to the consumer. Try ours - you won't believe the difference.

      • I agree the quality is better. But with just 1-2 occasional eaters, 20 large avocados (from a previous deal) is not something I can buy regularly. I wouldn't mind buying a box of a variety of fruits (grapes, berries, apples, stone fruits) regularly at a similar price.

      • We're happy customers. 25 avos a month goes surprisingly far. Any leftovers we freeze to use in smoothies.

        • Great to have you as a customer Stoffel :)

    • +1

      I don't know how biased I was when eating their avos, but they actually tasted better. I leave them in the fridge and have 3 riping out. I ate quite a few and it was def worth it.

      • +2

        Awesome, great to hear Senseiwa!

  • Sweet… just about finished the last box so this is perfect.

    V happy w/the last box - good avo's.

    • Very happy to have you as a customer Rolex! Glad you are happy with our beautiful avos :).

  • +1

    Awesome! I've been eyeing this since the last post. The grower appears to respond to and also take in comments to improve. Just ordered a box to try it out.

    • Thanks Gentlebreeze! We love our avos and want to make sure our customers are really well looked after.

  • Does the 4kg include the +20% more avos? Or is it on top so extra 800g?

    • +2

      Hi Kiwinoy, we're putting 5kg in those 4kg boxes during the sale so it's extra on top of the 4kg.

      • Wow, that's nice. That's an extra 200g free.

        I bought 3x medium box ones last time (saw it on Cheapies too) and were very happy with them. I was surprised how long they lasted and how good the qualities are. The avos I normally get go bad pretty fast but these ones are good.

        Gonna get some more this time. Would be nice if this came with the free shipping (like last time), especially for multiple orders (I'm buying for families as well).

        Oh and how many avocados is in the 2.5KG box? Last time I bought the 20 medium sized avocados but it doesn't show the weight, this time it shows the weight but I'm not sure how many avocados that equals to.

  • +1

    Giving them a go, just the smaller box as I don't eat avos very quickly.
    Appreciate the extra cheapies code.
    As a rough guide, how long will they last in fridge? And when taken out of fridge do I need to leave on bench a day? Or eat then straight from fridge?

    • +1

      They seem to last a few weeks in the fridge. Need to stay on the bench for 2-3 days before ripe enough for sandwiches or smoothies.

    • +1

      I think I got them on Sept 16th and they're still strong in fridge. And yeah, 3 days is ideal before eating.

  • +2

    Very happy with my first box of mediums, second box I ordered was the 4kg box and I'm disappointed. Lower grade, smaller avocados and one of the them had a cut through it :(.

    • Hi Couponfan, that's weird! Sounds like this box wasn't up to our normal high standards. Could you please send us an email with your order number to [email protected]

  • Thanks for the post. Have ordered my 1st box and looking forward to it

  • I ordered a jumbo and a small size from the previous deal. Was very excited got the free upgraded to medium size but very disappointed with the quality received.

    Order for convenience not the quality.

    • Hi Cyyyu, very surprised to hear this as customers rave about the quality of our avos - could you please email us at [email protected] so we can look into your order further

  • +2

    I ordered a box based on the previous deal. Arrived in decent time despite apparent issues with the previous courier. Green, but ripened very well. Not a single avo went to waste. Thought the quality and taste was great, so I ordered another on this deal.

  • Happy with my previous orders. Give it a go.

  • Avo's 'Round 2' w/ Grower Outlet, and awesome again:

    Purchased 1210h 9th
    Sent 1500h 11th
    On doorstep 0900h 12th

    via Post Haste

  • +1

    Ordered on the 9th, sent on 11th, and arrived today at 9.30am - was very surprised of how quick it is considering that it's from Bay of Plenty (and I'm in Auckland CBD)!

  • We have had two orders from here now. The first order was great, all the avocados were beautiful quality. We are now awaiting our second lot to ripen, this time we ordered the 4kg mixed box and we are so impressed with the sizing and quality.

  • Mine also arrived today, ordered on the 10th. Got a 4kg mixed box which was 22 avos, 5 of them huge and the rest bigger than those you can get at the supermarket. Great quality and looking forward to them ripening!

  • +1

    Ordered ours (15 Large Avocados) on the 09 Oct and arrived today 14 Oct. I'm located in Auckland. I happened to buy avocados from PaknSave today as we didn't have any idea when the box we ordered would arrive. The difference is the size and weight. Paknsave were in average 175g, while Grower Outlet (large) were in average 235g. Taste yet to be determined as these need a few days to ripen.