Aroha Pet Food Samples - Finally Responded After Six Months

I requested a sample from Aroha Pet when they ran their 'promotion' six months ago:

I never heard anything back at the time, and I forgot about it.

Today, I got an email, saying:

Hi Alan,

Some time back you requested cat food samples from us. At the time our system was not set up for the large amount of requests that we received. We have now been able to find you details.
I would like to apologize for the service that you have received. We like to think that our system is a lot better now, a lot better.
What I would like to offer and tell you about is our BonaCibo introduction programme.
This lets you select a small bag of BonaCibo adult cat food for your cat to taste at 60% off. This gives you, and your cat a good chance to really check it out.
Click to our "taste a sample page" and select the one for your cat to taste. At the checkout enter the word TASTE in the promo box and it will take 60% off for you.

Again I am very sorry for our system failure on your first contact with us. I am sure your cat will love the BonaCibo, and I personally will ensure you get the service you should have received from the start.

Regards, Logan
Aroha Pet Ltd

So it looks to me that the original promotion just generated a whole load of contact details for them.

Not really a big deal to me - I use a unique email address for each offer like this, but I would definitely not purchase anything from them now or in the future.


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  • I was sent 4 different samples after I confirmed I was a legit person with a legit cat.
    My cat is quite fussy with food so it was great to have some different ones to try.

  • Not a bad run, they saved the "sample", and maybe they got a database full of contacts, just blame it on the system…LOL

    • Yep - comes across as pretty scammy regardless of whether that was the original intent.

  • I received the samples, but was pretty disappointed. Their 'Aroha' branding felt a bit culturally appropriated when I then looked through their poorly designed and spelling/grammar mistake riddled pamphlet. It's clearly cheaply imported dog food, and while it may be cheaper than local options, I'd rather stick with NZ-made. Just my 2c.