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Free Beginner's Guide to Vegetarian Eating eBook @ Sanitarium


Got sent this in an email from Sanitarium.
It's fairly basic, but a good intro that has 36 pages with plant based recipes, practical advice and a selection of articles that answer some questions on vegetarian diets.

The best bit - it's free and you don't need to give your email address or credit details - just click the link to download..

Hopefully useful for some of you.

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    Obligatory "something something Meat something something" comment

    Has about 10 recipes.

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      Funny thing is, I’m not actually vegetarian but do eat some vegetarian meals!
      It only has a few recipes but thought it was a nice change to not have to sign up all your personal details to download something that you later decide you don’t want.

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        I am vegetarian, thought I'd get ahead of the curve with my post :P

        ebook's good in regards to talking about facts and myths, but honestly the recipes are very western, 3/10 would actually show whats capable in vegetarian cooking.
        But yeah totally hate those data mining walls

  • Thanks Sanitarium! Hopefully these delicious vegetarian meals will stop me from masturbating. IYKYK

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      You're thinking of Kellogg, there's no link. Different people, different countries. I've heard the best food for abstinence is spicy chilis eaten with your fingers.

    • that was Kellogg's my dude but good try

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