Xiaomi Air Purifier 3h - is it good? Let me know your thoughts

I'm interested with the xiaomi air purifier 3h for a while now and waiting for a good deal to come. What's your thoughts about this item?

Also I'm interested to know what sort of air purifier you are using. Any recommendations is much appreciated.

Many thanks


  • I've had the 2S for a couple of years now and it's still going well, replaced the filter this year when it finally said it needed it ($59 at pbtech). I don't have anyway to know how well it's actually purifying the air I guess?? But I like to use it in the bedroom at night for a better sleep and a little white noise.

  • I have the 3H - been running for over a year (parallel import) and its still going.
    There is a pollution indicator, goes up and down pretty pretty reliably (I think). Like when I deep fry something, the number goes haywire from the smoke generated.
    But generally, aside from cooking/smoking - the ambient pollution level never really goes up for the machine to go into high gear - and I live by a very busy road.
    There is also a humidity indicator, looks like it kind of works - it goes up when its rainy outside, and down when I crank up the dehumidifier. But I don't have an actual hygrometer to compare its numbers to.

    5 speed settings - auto (when it detects pollution it ramps up/down accordingly), low/med/high and manual.
    Works with app and automation - I schedule mine to turn on/off automatically and adjust its speed depending on time of day.

    You can get the filters at dick smith when they go on sale with free shipping - $39 each. I run it pretty much 12 hours a day and machine tells me to replace the filter in around 5-6 months.

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    I don't have one and I am not an expert myself - this is all hearsay:

    A few years ago I asked an aircon engineer who was servicing the aircon at our office about air purifiers (as opposed to aircon), and he said they are pretty much pointless in NZ unless you have a specific issue to address such as an industrial location manufacturing something that causes dust. The general air pollution was too low for them to have much impact or need.

    When I said I was really considering for home, he said it would be pointless there too unless you were burning things regularly (log burner for example - he said very rare anywhere around Auckland, but apparently if you get outside of Auckland things can get a little more 'basic' and some people still heat their homes by burning things). His comment was, that if someone were still burning stuff to heat their house, they probably wouldn't be then installing an air purifier.

  • Thank you for all the answers guys. Much appreciated. Cheers

  • I'm from China, I thought that's where you need it along with other developing nations. Air pollution is bad over there.