Discounts for Having The Vaccine

I saw the deal that was posted earlier for Burger Bach and was wondering if anyone else has come across other places doing deals for those who been vaccinated?



  • I just saw in South Auckland, they are giving $150 pak n sav voucher, plus $50 Z voucher for getting the jab done today.

    • I missed out and went to the airport drive thru instead

      • So you actually got $200 voucher in total as well? 😱

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      Hmmm… Maybe they'll probably pay more if you wait longer…

      Oh, wait, we didn't mean that to happen!

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      Hi Superpower, do you know who was offering this incentive and where - I think this could be an effective approach to reach some groups.

      • Search for "Vodafone Events Centre" on facebook

      • Search South seas healthcare

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    Hillary Barry (Seven Sharp) is or was giving away a chocolate fish to anyone getting it.

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    When is the free bucket of KFC for a shot going to start?

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    Highlands in Cromwell are giving free entry to their museum during the school holidays if you've had at least one jab and show your card. I went on Saturday, it was great, the cars are awesome and there's blanace bikes and a wee track, mini golf and a playground. Full price is $30 but it's also on BookMe for $5. I might go back for $5. The go karts are fun too and I've done an awesome fast lap before.

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      That makes a lot of sense - incentives for people who are already vaccinated, rather than incentivising people to hold off getting vaccinated.

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      Might be able to get two tickets for free?