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We got a TV from Noel Leeming on the 1st of Aug and it is now much cheaper. I'm unsure about what the policy states, but would I be eligible for a refund of the price difference it's only been a month and few days since we have actually got it delievered?

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  • That's 2 months ago, good luck.

    Some credit cards do offer price drop protection though, so maybe worth looking into that.

  • Is this a 65” C1? I also bought one in early August. Some places do price protection for 30 days, but nowhere does two months!

    Be glad you had the TV throughout lockdown - totally worth the extra $400 for me!

    • That's true too. But I already had another one. I just wanted an upgrade, that's all :( Should have waited for it though probably!

      • Yep, you bought a TV during the Olympics, and when the model was relatively new. I also already had a TV that worked, and I had no intention of watching the Olympics. That doesn’t make it any less true that I purchased a TV months ago, and have already used it for hundreds of hours.
        If you wanted an upgrade and could justify the cost then, it was worth the price you paid.
        Don’t go to those stores and look at the price of the same model again for a while, because it will inevitably fluctuate.

  • I bought mine from the market via noel lemming with their 10% off, so it made it about $50 cheaper than what its currently advertised for

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    I was told by a friend that if you had contacts (sales rep) working at Noel Leeming, they can potentially help out and get the refund credited back for up to 3 months. Is there anyone who works for Noel Leeming willing to help out, please? Would truly appreciate it.

    • the salesperson would get in a lot of trouble for this. It's just cheating a second commission payment (flat rates per TV sale, not cancelled in order is cancelled)

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    Ha ha… You bought it in Aug … 2 months

    No way should you be entitled to any difference in price or even be going down that track .What a bloody cheek

    The sense of entitlement is ridiculous … I'm all for being a cheapie but you are being ridiculous

    • Have to agree with this.

      The buyer and seller freely entered into a binding agreement - I don't see why the seller has any right to come along two months later and demand extra cash from the buyer just because the price went up, nor the same in reverse.


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    This is actually why I have started making big purchases on a specific card (not sure if I can name it).. for things like a washing machine at least - when you don't have time to shop around - they have a price guarantee/insurance.. I got a refund of $300 on a washing machine this way. (I don't pay interest and clear it after I make the claim so the insurance premium you pay is negligible.

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      What reason can you see for not naming the card?

    • PriceGuard on the BNZ Advantage Visa Platinum?

      • Still have not managed to use this yet - think it has to be a competitor price drop not same supplier if I recall correctly…

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    I'd say the start of august is too early to reasonably expect it to be refunded.

    Their (waste of money on almost everything that isnt a washing machine, but even then) product protection lets you claim back for 30days.

    If you bought instore, honestly, give reinvoicing it a shot if its a somewhat premium TV. Noel Leeming changed their commission structure over lockdown for some products from prepaid cards / points etc to one unified system. Basically means that the reward the salesperson got in august cant be taken from them, but they'd receive a new payment if they reinvoiced it today.

    However, doing that is a pretty obvious breach of rules and pretty dishonest so dont expect anything.

    Source: Sister works there

  • What are people doing with TVs nowadays?

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      Watching stuff on them, I guess?

  • Thanks for the feedback guys. Didn't realise it was such a big deal as it's really common when we were in the US. I'll look at the brighter side of getting a brand new TV for the lockdown period. Cheers.