Recommendations for a soundbar

Looking at buying my husband a soundbar for his birthday in two days…. Any recommendations or what I need to look at when buying one? We have hotpoints to use so bonus if you recommend one at JB HI Fi etc



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    Hi. Personally Ive got a previous model Panasonic (around the $500 mark) and am really happy with it. I shopped around a lot pre-purchase, and didnt want to spend more than that. Features wise, it depends if youre going to use it solely for TV, or if it will be for music etc as well. If its the latter, then it would pay to get one with Bluetooth etc to connect to your phone. From a TV perspective one with HDMI passthrough will be useful (means youll be able to plug another HDMI device into the soundbar and let the soundbar pass the video signal through to the tv - handy for wall mounted tv's).
    I just had a quick look and see that Panasonic are doing cashback on soundbars at the moment. The one in your bracket (HTB600) is on special at JB Hifi for $488, with $200 cashback (if youre buying a tv as well). But $488 is a great price for this one in your budget.
    Link to features comparison

    The Denon DHT-S316 (also on special at $498) gets fairly decent reviews online as well

  • Awesome thanks so much I’ll check the one out you suggested and great tips as Yes I’ll need Bluetooth as it will be used for music and the tv will be mounted in the future when we build. No budget set for the soundbar.

    • Ah yes - not sure where I got the budget from - I think it was from reading someone else asking on another soundbar post!
      JB have a pretty reasonable selection, and of course you get what you pay for. Personally, Id stay away from anything <$300 as the sound quality is inevitably dissapointing.
      If you can get into a store to test them, it might pay to try a couple - soundbars are 'generally' good at movies and vast improvement from tv speakers, but not so great with general music listening. Good luck!

  • I have been looking for a soundbar as well. Jbl soundbar 9.1 is a bit pricy but very good for TV and noisy gym music 🤣. I didn't get a chance to buy it before Auckland went into lockdown. Jbl soundbar 5.1 is good too.

  • Sonos Arc

  • Not sure if you got it, But Sonos Arc is best but its costs a lot. The next best option is Samsung q900a