KFC Lifehacks + Amazing Deal (At night ONLY.)

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I am unsure if the following things have been posted before.

  • You can get free Supercharge Sauce on a burger just by asking for it.

  • The big hack is to go 15 minutes ahead of closing. Tell them that you have $20 or so (be reasonable, don't be a dick.) and ask them for 'What they have left'.

They will give you the remainder of their stock as otherwise this will be binned.

You're welcome!

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    Even more amazing, go 16 minutes ahead of closing and say you have $19. That way you save $1 and don't have to wait a minute more. Also that 15 minute guy gets nothing!

  • Same things works at McDonald's, or at least it did in the UK thirty-five years ago when I worked there :-)

    Makes sense - the manager on duty (used to) get assessed on their total wastage, and anything left over is wastage. They would normally try to get it all eaten by staff on breaks or even at the end, but sometimes that just doesn't work, especially since you do tend to get a bit over McDonald's when you work there, plus the $20 (or whatever) is added to the takings, so it is a plus to the manager's performance assessments.

    Everything might be different now / here.


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      Nope not here. Staff aren't even allowed to eat end of the day 'waste' all has to be accounted for for stock take purposes etc. Health and safety probably plays a role in it also. Was a manager at a couple of stores.

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        It's possible a few things may have changed in thirty-five years :-)

  • This trick works on any takeaway place (especially food on display). Visit 30-60min before closing time and they fill your container with generous amount of food. Otherwise they will either give them to the needy or chuck in the bin.

    • Late afternoon discount sushi

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    I like the hack asking for extra seasoning on chips and you get home and they miss heard you and give you no seasoning

    • Every single time!!!!

    • They didn't mishear they just don't care! Use to be able to ask for a bag (small) of seasoning but they stopped that too.

      • I think sometimes the shaker gets steam in it and the holes get clogged. Very frustrating though as the chips suck without seasoning

    • Be thankful they don't give you extra sneezsoning.

      • It's a risk that has to be taken with any food