Banking Class Action ?

Class action taken against ANZ and ASB. anyone has filled out their online register form? I'm qualify to participate in the claim, but is it only pay to those people filled out the form if the claim successful?


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    Does overdraft and CC count as a 'Loan'? If so then i am also qualified

    • It might - although I would have thought the credit card was less likely than an overdraft.

      I didn't have any debt with either ASB or ANZ in the period (2015 to 2019 I think) - you should check exact dates if you might have.

      In theory, if you are eligible, then they should have already contacted you, but I don't see any harm in asking if they haven't.

  • I am not personally affected, so this is purely based on what I have heard / read in passing, but I believe the lawyers seeking to take this to court have applied to make it opt-out. That would mean that any 'damaged party' (such as you perhaps) would be along for the ride and eligible for an additional payout even if you don't sign up.

    Having said that, they might be asking people to sign up regardless.

    If you think you might be affected (and especially if one of the banks already made a payment to you with respect to this matter), then I would, at the very least, read whatever the lawyers have already put out (they will have put something up online I'm sure).

    If you still aren't sure, and the amounts might be material to you, then perhaps consider whether it would be worthwhile talking to a lawyer yourself, or maybe the CAB if you prefer (no idea if they will have anyone qualified in this area though - they are good on things like private rental agreements and maybe the CGA, but this is a bit different).

    Hope that helps,