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Apple Homepod Mini $128 @ Noel Leeming


Updated: white one OOS. Gray one still in stock


consider apple does not do promotion much, this looks like a good price.

Need to apply Noel Leeming welcome coupon

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Noel Leeming


  • got two, thanks

  • got 1 as well, cheers

  • Bought one for my 9 year old son.
    Thanks for the heads up to save extra 10.

  • Note: White one appears to be out of stock online now, but the black one is still available.
    Thanks for the great find!

  • What are these primarily used for ?

    • They're just another home voice assistant; Apple's equivalent to a Google Home or Amazon Alexa. They're only really useful if you're in the Apple ecosystem and want to stream music to multiple rooms from your iPhone or apple music, or if you want to control home-kit compatible smart home devices. Otherwise, they aren't useful. This will be my third one, and they're cool little devices, but they still need to implement many more features.

      • we got rid of a google home for this and the most frustrating thing, by a few miles is the 'i've sent this to your phone' response for the stuff we normally ask google assistant

  • Take 5% off on TheMarket.com's Apple sale right now too, so it drops to $131.10 even without the welcome coupon, which I presume can't be used multiple times?

    • +3

      You can use the Welcome coupon over and over.
      Just need to spend $100 each time.

      • Nice!

      • I'd started to think it was multiple not single use. If only I knew I could have saved $20. Good to know for future.

    • I've been checking each day since the sale started. They must have been added to TheMarket today. Kiwiwallet 3.5% cashback reduces price to $126.51 = $138 × 0.95 × 0.965. Free shipping with TheMarket Club membership.

  • Bought 4 yesterday, used welcome coupon each time $128/unit

    Click and collected an hour later, no queues even

    Thanks OP

    • wow?how do you set it up these 4 units? 2 stereo?

  • Stuff (struggling on phone) - not too sure how they can be used but might check if they can work usefully with ATV 4K/SONY TV/Soundbar.