The Warehouse 'giveit' turning into ‘Market Club’ and ‘Market Club+‘ ?

After seeing this comment by konfusd, I decided to do a bit of digging.

I then came accross 'The Warehouse Group FY21 Annual Results (29/9/21)'. Powerpoint here

(p11) "We have confirmed the rollout of a unified loyalty programme across the Group as “Market Club” and “Market Club+.”

I also just got this email:

"From tomorrow, giveit is taking a short break while we make some changes and put the finishing touches on our updated programme. We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop and let you know when the new programme is up and running.  

In the meantime, you can continue to shop with The Warehouse in the app, online and in-store – just without giveit.”

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    In addition to growing our existing loyalty programmes - myNoelLeeming, Torpedo7 Club, TheMarket Club, and BizRewards – we have successfully launched an app-first loyalty programme trial in The Warehouse.

    We have now confirmed the rollout of a unified loyalty programme across the Group, to be named Market Club, which will include both a free and a subscription offer, with subscriptions offering unlimited free shipping on millions of items. This will evolve to integrate all existing programmes, giving even more benefit and utility to our customers, with the rollout starting this calendar year.

    We have initiated a unified Group loyalty programme – Market Club and Market Club+ which is starting to rollout with and The Warehouse this calendar year. By consolidating nearly four million unique customer records across our existing loyalty programmes into a single programme, we will be able to deliver more engaging experiences for our customers and suppliers, powered by strong insights and a data-driven understanding of our customers’ needs, wants and shopping preferences.

    The Warehouse Group Integrated Annual Report 2021

  • Interesting thanks for sharing - hopefully means that the unified Market codes will start to improve as they have been disappointing of late.

  • So… I had a 30% coupon from Giveit I was going to use today. I don't see it anymore. Reckon the program is over?

  • Looks like they are going to start integrating "Marketplace" stores into their other stores, so The Warehouse will list products sold by Grabstore and The Sleep Store for example. I guess like Kogan and their many shopfronts.

    Which would make a unified "loyalty" scheme make sense. GiveIt was just a test with some incentive for people to actually use it and provide them the data they needed to know whether an "App First" program would be viable. Expect to see something watered down once it is released later in the month, but probably wider ranging in it's discounts. Could end up with something like "10% off bath towels across all TWL and marketplace stores for The Market Club+ members".

    • Nearly 4 million unique customer records across
    our existing loyalty programmes
    • Launched TheMarket Club paid membership
    ($5.99/month or $59.00/year) with free shipping
    • Successfully piloting app-first loyalty programme
    in The Warehouse
    • Partnership with FlyBuys (Noel Leeming, Torpedo7)
    • Opportunity to integrate and simplify


    Staff signup

    Everybody else

    Get free shipping on millions of MarketClub+ eligibile items on orders $45+

    Join for a month from just $5.99 - the longer you join, the more you save.

    1 month - $5.99
    3 months - $15
    12 months - $50

    Join MarketClub+ at checkout

    MarketClub - Everything you need to know
    *your order total must be at least $45 to qualify for free shipping. Only MarketClub+ eligibile items qualify for free shipping - just look for the + icon when shopping or see details on product page. For bulky items a surcharge may apply.

    What is MarketClub?

    MarketClub is a free membership for customers on TheMarket that unlocks exclusive coupons and other benefits. You can also join MarketClub at The Warehouse - see more

    What is MarketClub+?

    A paid version of MarketClub that offers free shipping on eligible orders in addition to the usual benefits.

    Is MarketClub+ a subscription?

    MarketClub+ is not a subscription - just join for 1,3 or 12 months with a one-off payment.

    How does the free trial of MarketClub+ work?

    Just sign up here or in the cart and you'll start your free 30 days of MarketClub+ straight away.

    Can I cancel MarketClub+?

    You can decide to leave MarketClub whenever you like, but you'll still be able to use any time remaining on your MarketClub+ membership

    Can I leave MarketClub?

    Yes, you can leave via My Account.

    • Do you think that means that all the existing memberships are now cancelled and we'll have to re-join (and pay)?

      It gives me that impression, but I'm not seeing anything explicit?



      • Not too sure yet. Wondering what happens with the Vodafone deal. I just found The Warehouse version and images make it look like giveit with a paint job.

        $5 on signup …

        • Not seeing it in the app

          • @Foodie: Probably won't be until October 30.

            • @Wakrak: Ah, couldn't see any dates via the link

  • +1

    If anyone wants a laugh, translate the terms & conditions page to English.

    In the comments of any urn, the mourning of the ferry is completed across the bow.

    Or that the bears are poisoned. Each porch needs my life's entrance. Now the bed is annoying and there is no protein, no consequences to the impact. Until the biggest need to feel good at fermentation.

    • Isn't it just 'Lorem ipsum'?

      Am I missing something (as always!)

      • You've taught me something new. Never heard of that concept before and it looks like it is.

  • I hope this isn't the end of free click & collect from The Warehouse, Noel Leeming etc. In Dunedin if I buy something from The Warehouse through The Market I'm charged a collection fee if I want to pick it up, but if I buy the same product through The Warehouse Online I'm not.

    I look at it this way, the site with the current paid subscription service charges for services that the sites without a current paid subscription service offer for free, and now those sites are also getting a paid subscription service, that makes me concerned.

    • I'd guess that they'll do free click and collect across the board if you are part of the free teir of Market Club and free shipping if you are part of the paid teir.

      • Free shipping, up to now, has required a $45 spend I believe, so hardly ever free from that perspective.

        I used to purchase from TheMarket a while back, but then they stopped letting me collect it for free from TWL at Botany, so I stopped purchasing from TheMarket.

        • You are right, "free" would be more accurate. I don't imagine The Warehouse stop giving out monthly free shipping codes though, they've done that for many years now:

          Yea, I only purchase from there if it's over the $45 shipping amount and a better deal to elsewhere, which has been few and far between lately. Maybe they'll give it a marketing shove after the club rework.

          • @Shaw: Unfortunately, you can't use the TWL Free Shipping Codes on TheMarket (or not that I know of - would love to be wrong about that).

            However, much of the time, the prices seem to be the same or off by a few cents (I seem to recall $X.99 at one and $X.97 at the other more than once).

            Maybe this whole revamp will finally fix the mess that they have gotten into over the last five / ten years with so many competing and conflicting brands.