Trade Me - Change to Success Fees (Nov 1)

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Maximum success fee will go from $249 to $349.
Current success fee is a flat 7.9% across the board. This will change to 5.9%, 7.9%, and 9.9% depending on the product category.

In–trade sellers from 1 November 2021

On 1 November, we’re changing our success fee cap and pricing structure for professional sellers.

The maximum success fee will go from $249 to $349, and success fees will have a three-tiered pricing structure, based on listing category. The new success fee tiers will be 5.9%, 7.9% and 9.9%.

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    Haven't used trademe in ages, unless I'm selling a car or using their book a courier service.
    Generally, I get far more views/interest on Facebook marketplace for any "general items" I want to sell these days.

    Some more discussion here.

  • So the change in fees is just for "In-trade" sellers?

    Still a flat rate for general items for us casual sellers?

    Ah I guess it means prices will increase for items on TM form these in-trade sellers.

    • Thats how I read it as well, but Im sure TM will be testing the market for further changes to casuals in the near future…..

      • Sellers will probably start flooding listings in the low fee categories.

  • shoot was worried they gonna bump up casual to 10/12%

    Though knowing them they probably will eventually.

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    You'd think if anything they'd lower fees to be more competitive with FB marketplace. TM's foreign buyers are probably just going to milk it until FB wins

    Also, TM's new UI is shit and the rollout is taking forever

    • I totally agree about the new TradeMe user interface - some things are much more laborious than they used to be, and I have found the search to be significantly less useful. Seems like a lot of effort for a significant fail.

      Having said that, we have pretty much given up on FaceBook. The community is crap, and the chances of a sale actually happening are really poor compared to TradeMe where we have have maybe two or three sales fall through in twenty years (not a huge user - somewhere around 150 transactions in that period, so about one every month or two on average).

      With FaceBook, the failure rate seems to be around a quarter maybe a third, and people often completely ignore the terms you include, whereas on TradeMe they pretty much always adhere. For some reason, many people on FaceBook seem to be nearly illiterate - never really encountered that on TradeMe.

      Maybe FaceBook works better for the kids :-)


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        Facebook: "Hi, is this available?"
        Me: "Yes, are you interested?"
        Facebook: "No."

        • +1

          Haha at least you get a no response. I just get left on read.

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          The sellers are just as bad. They list everything as free then have weird price terms in the description

          "willing to swap for tree fiddy, a half-eaten pizza scroll and a copy of last month's Women's Day"

      • I definitely appreciate how streamlined TM make the sales process but the % based fees are ridiculous. It costs them no more to list a $1000 item than a $10 one. But like eBay they have no real competition other than FB so can charge what they want

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    I recently reported a TradeMe trader to the IRD who had over 12,000 trades and didnt have the "in-trade" status. They claimed to have sold over 130 PS5's and Xbox Series X's (roughly over $60,000 undeclared income) whilst also selling other peripherals. I emailed TM with the IRD report submission as well as all screenshots and a day later that account immediately had the "in-trade" status hahahahaha

    • Good job! Is that the guy in Otago with "over 150 sold" etc on the main auction photos?

      Whereas I had a clear out of my gaming collection and got involuntary flagged as in trade due to the number of trades in a period. Thanks TM

      • Yup, the guy in Otago! Seriously cannot believe TM didn't automatically flag that account as 'In-trade' even though he has done thousands of trades before

    • How did you tell they roughly over $60,000 undeclared income although they didn't display "in trade"? What IRD gets back to you, haha…

      • 130 x PS5s at even $500 = $65,000 - probably much more.

        12,000 trades - I was one of the earlier TradeMe members (I have a five digit user ID) joined in 2001.

        If I had 12,000 trades, that would be 600 pa, or more than ten per week, every single week, for twenty years. I think we could safely say that I would have been in trade, so anyone with 12,000 trades must be in trade.