GoPro Promo Codes?

Are there any GoPro promo codes out there? Planning to get the new GoPro10

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  • The HERO10 Black is priced NZ$699.99 with their 1-year GoPro Subscription on their website. Looks like shipping is free too. Noel Leeming and Heathcotes pricing is at ~$797 at the moment.

    • Yeah I guess that's the best deal we can get at the moment. I'll probably wait for them to change the bundle deal to something more tempting.

  • If you can turn on your private message, I can message you a student discount code of 20% off GoPro 10 + Free SD Card. Unfortunately can't post to cheapies since it's one use only

    • Omg thats amazing 🙏

    • @dealhunters, do you normally receive the codes like this after registering your existing GoPro devices? Or was this from a non-GoPro promotion?

      • +1

        It's a student code promotion actually, through Unidays :)

  • fwiw last year I grabbed the black friday bundle from GroPro direct and it was a great buy

    • What did the bundle come with?

      • Extra battery, sd card, camera/accessory case, floaty stick and a bunch of extra connectors. tbh I have never really used most of that stuff, but its nice to have something :)