Any thoughts on Trade Me car / contents insurance

Hello everyone.

I am looking to renew my car insurance. Sas anyone previously used or currently using Trade Me insurance. if yes how's customer service? What do you consider as Pros and Cons?

Thank you.

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    Have trademe car insurance. I feel you only hear about insurance companies when it comes to price and claims.

    Price wise not bad, pretty decent.

    I had a claim earlier this year and the process was smooth. Everything online and via emails and chat.

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    Price was good claiming wasn't an issue earlier this year.

  • No issues here. About the best pricing I could find. A windscreen replacement sorted quickly. Roadside assistance on point.

    Trade Me Insurance is underwritten by Tower.

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    Have had no issues with them, have had to claim two windscreen repairs in the past 6 months, first one got stuck in their system, but second one was contacted by Novus less than 24 hours later and booked in. Was a lot cheaper than what Tower wanted to charge me when moving property.

  • Great. Thanks guys.

  • cheer's guys, I was looking for some feedback as I'm wanting to join them this year as they're a lot cheaper than what AMI is having me renew at.

  • They were the cheapest for me for my last car. Suited me fine, as all communication can be done via email. Likewise, fine when I needed to claim (other person's fault always helps oc).

    Check and make sure they don't want to charge you extra excess becuae you have a "high risk" car. I left because my current car had an extra $800 "at fault" excess.

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