Buying a New E-Bike Advice

I've been thinking of buying an e-bike and I'm wondering what resources others have used to research buying one? So far I've determined what I want it for (commuting and some day touring of the local area) and that I'd prefer something on the lighter side to make getting it in and out of the house easier.

There are loads of ebike retailers in NZ now but outside of the big brands (Giant/Specialized/Trek/etc) there seems a pretty limited selection of bikes. I found this brand that's sold out of Australia but I'd rather buy here as it'll make servicing and support a lot easier.

I'm also wondering what's the best time to buy. Are 2022 models coming along shortly? Will there be supply-chain issues still? And does Black Friday/November make a difference in terms of getting a deal?


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    Keen on this thread too. Just moved to the countryside and wondering if I should get an e-bike or scooter to commute to work 5km away.

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    Basically buy whatever you can get now, prices are only going to go up and big discounts are unlikely due to demand. Container shipping for example has gone up 2x-3x from last year. This is quite a good guide (some parts paywalled): , and there are plenty of guides on YouTube though they are a bit US or UK centric.

    Name brand means you are getting reasonably good components and support from a company that knows what they are doing. No-name bikes are a real tossup, you might be getting a $300 bike with a $1000 motor/battery hacked onto it. Everything usually runs fine on the test ride but it's what happens after a year or so riding in all weathers that counts. Warranty and CGA support is really important.

    • Thanks gonka, some good advice there. I think I'll just get in to the shops and test ride a few models and see what feels right. Then hopefully find a deal as is the Cheapies way :D