Can’t log in to Cashrewards?

Has something changed on their site? Thought adblocker or other software was causing issues, but now tried logging in on multiple devices to no avail; “We’re having trouble connecting. Try again later.”

Annoying because I want to take advantage of a deal which is only good til midnight tonight. Having this issue for 48hrs, and of course they don’t have weekend support (and require logging in to submit a ticket anyway…)

Anyone found a workaround or is their site actually broken?

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  • Just logged in. No issues. On desktop using chrome with AdGuard AdBlocker & uBlock Origin.

    I use Edge with no extensions when doing Cashrewards.

  • Weird, I can’t get it to work on Edge either (no addons there).

    • Can you not login at all? Just tried on Edge and no issues.

  • Ok further weirdness - disconnected wifi and tried phone hotspot, that worked no issues. Nothing running on router that should stop it working, but whatever…

    • buzzy