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Extra 50% off Clearance Clothing at The Warehouse (Kids Tees from $0.48, Adults Crew Neck Tees $1.48)


As per usual shopping online is painful. You can't seem to see what is in stock until you go to the item page itself. This one might be better to browse in store.

Don't forget Free shipping code in case you find something FDREF83218

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    app shows what is in stock, which is not much, i actually cant tell if there is much more than a few things that have gone 50% off clearance.

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    I got some great deals instore yesterday. 1 dollar tshirt 3 dollar shirt and dad got 5 dollar pyjamas!

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      no instore shopping in Auckland :(

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    Thanks OP got a few things instore

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    The mobile app has a flag instore online you can select, that makes it about 1000x easier but its not fully as easy as it could be, but if your browsing - then use that.