Google Pixel 4 XL 64GB Refurbished $564.73 + Shipping @ Kogan NZ


Google Pixel 4 XL 64GB [Refurbished-Excellent Condition]-Jet Black $564.73 (usually $900 - $1200 new)

  • The stringent refurbishment process of Pixel 4 XL Refurbished includes:
  • Full testing
  • Refurbishment with replacement parts if necessary
  • A thorough clean and inspection
  • Repackaging in a new box

6.3-inch QHD+ display,
3,700mAh battery,
64GB of base storage
6GB Ram
Duel 12/16MP main camera
8MP front camera

Seems to be a pretty good deal, even as a refurbished phone all things considering

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  • Heard really bad things about Kogan and their poor customer service.

  • I heard that Pixels don't work on VoLTE in NZ (they do support the function, but not in NZ - the providers have to provision it, and they haven't). VoLTE is also known as "HD Voice". A lot of rural cellsites (almost all RCG ones) now utilise that, and your call will drop in these zones, and you won't be able to make emergency calls either.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    • I've had a Pixel 3 XL for over two years, have never had an issue. My understanding is that this affects a minority of rural areas where you would have 4G access but not 3G - and as you have internet access you'd still be able to do everything else except standard voice call

  • Not sure I'd be buying a refurbished phone that has the original battery in it - you'd have to figure on a 12 month life at best I suspect.

    I haven't looked, but if Kogan believe they are doing a good job with the refurbs, they will signal that with a longer warranty (say, three years). If they are offering that, then I think this is a great deal. If not, then they are sending a message there too.


  • +1

    These refurnished phones are not factory refurnished they are third party refurnished so any parts and accessories are third party.

  • Sample size of 1 but my wife is running a refurbed 4 from Dick Smith and it's fine. My pixel is knackered so on the hunt for a 5a