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Star Wars - LEGO Imperial Shuttle $19 Pickup (Was $149) @ EB Games Dunedin


Part of EB Games Pop Culture & Gaming Sale

I'm too lazy to do a big post about it, so here's one just for the Dunedin folk!

Feel free to do a separate EB Games sale post.

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    Could also try and do a cheeky pricematch at The Warehouse too

  • Gone already

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    Yeah, just got off with their online chat at the warehouse and they said no: "I'm afraid we can't proceed as it's on gaming sale."

    I called BS on that as it's not listed as an exclusion on their price promise page but they held firm.

    If you're in an area where you can actually go in store you may have more luck but I guess I'll just keep suffering here in AKL…

    • TWH price promise is bs, in my experience they run around in circles to avoid any discounts even when valid

      • This is my first experience with it online.

        In store they are actually really pretty good about it to be fair. Although I guess it would depend on the store and salesperson. I was able to pricematch a similar (identical but with another stamp on it) fridge/freezer a few months ago saving $350 with very little hassle so it's always worth asking in store.

    • To me it would fall under the exclusion 'all clearance products, limited quantity offers' and be a valid reason to turn it down. EB isn't going to buy more of these to sell at a loss for $19.

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    Seems to be a price error, it is $89 now

    • Must have mistaken the set as a microfighter haha. Anyways, EB are horrible to deal with if ordering online. Checkout the comments in previous deals.