Best robot vacuum under $500

Does anyone have any recommendations for the best robot vacuum under $500? If it also has mopping feature - that's even better.

I live in approximately 80sqm apartment, hard floor (no rugs or carpet). Since the floor is beige, even a little bit of dusts or crumbs etc would look quite dirty, hence looking for some alternative on robot vacuum.

Also would be good if anyone has any experience in using robot vacuums, are they actually good in collecting all the dusts? And are they actually good in mapping areas or do they often just get stuck and we need to fix it ourselves (which defeats the point of getting a robot vacuum in the first place).

Had a look at the Ecovacs Deebot which has great reviews and reasonable price but happy to take other advice or if it's available at cheaper price somewhere else.

Thank you!



    We grabbed a Deebot 920 when it was on special (I think something like $650 from Godfreys on clearance, so probably more than what you are after) - its awesome. We needed multiple level mapping, and something that has decent suction too (as upper levels are carpeted versus wooden floors downstairs). Love it. We find ourselves using it little and often and it works great in that sense. It maps the floor with lasers and then stores the map, so you can tell it places to avoid (eg wires if tangled under a cabinet for instance), or get it to do a specific area of interest (eg kitchen if you have just made a mess). Also does mopping, but we don't use it at all for that.
    Only thing I would note is that sometimes with really light things, the little spinning things on the front can inadvertently flick really light things away and back to a place that has already been vacuumed so gives you the impression that it missed something. But that is really minor tbh. Otherwise, lifechanging.


    Have been using Mi Smart Robot 1C since 6 months(Bought for $399). Does wonderful job, where it can go. This one can store only 1 map. I have multi level house. ground floor is hard floor, 2nd is all carpet. It does pretty good job on vacuum and I get the mop working every other week or so. On 2nd floor I let it go 2-3 a month, so that it can go under the bed and all without mapping. It works fine. I have 2 toddlers so almost alternate days I get robot to clean up. Accessories from Aliexpress are cheap, got some 20 piece set(brush, roller, mops, filters) for around ~$24, this could last me ages I believe.

    Latest update added no mopping zone feature which is awesome, as I have a rug in leaving room which can be mapped out while mopping.

    2 of my friends also bought it after me and are very happy with it.

    Some comments

    Currently on sale

    Or you can score one from DickSmith as well.

    Detailed review

    Edit: I think 1c might be better than the Deebot you mentioned, just by looking at the features. I can be wrong.


    Xiaomi s5 max is my pick. I have one I got to replace the old mi robot that is now relegated to my garage office.

    It mops, it vacuums, lasts for ages before charging and the replacement parts are cheap and easy to find online. Also pbtech stocks them and the parts. I schedule it to clean every other day and I can start it up ad hoc by talking to my Google home.

    recommend highly.


    I have also been using the Mi Smart Robot 1C and am very happy with it for the price point. It has decent suction and can clean a small three bedroom home. I chose it for elderly family members who were having trouble keeping up with their chores, and it does a good enough job that they comment on there now being less dust in the house and note that they now use a regular vacuum sparingly for deep cleans.

    It's on sale for $349 at PBTech this week:

    If you're patient, it can also be obtained for ~ $320 from Dick Smith (if you wait for a free shipping code and are willing to risk their shipping).


    You'd wanna think twice about buying a Xiaomi, Dreame or Roborock robot vac.


      You don't have to buy the one with camera such as Roborock S6 pure.