Looking for Smartvent F7 Filter

Anyone know a good place to buy SmartVent F7 filter at a good price.

Most of the places I know are around $85-$100. Last year I bought it from JA Russell for something like ~$70. They don't have online store so can't go in-store.

Seems like the prices have gone up. But just wondering if anyone has found a good price anywhere.
Filter dimensions : 300mm x 300mm





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    Can you pricematch @Mitre10 against Bunnings?
    With Bunnings being $96.22, a 15% pricematch would take it to $81.79.
    Obviously can’t do if you’re under Level 4 and would depend on stores being in stock.

    • Yup under level 4 can't do it. Also, was looking for something under $80.

      Maybe Auckland goes in level 2 in 2 weeks. Filter light just showed up so I am fine using it for couple of weeks more.

  • Trademe?

    • Found just one for $60 but it is not the same size. I will get in roof tomorrow to measure the actual size.


      • Yea Iv been using generic filters for years on my smartvent. No issues at all. (same square box filter held with springs and some duct tape)

        • Thanks. Do you know the dimensions by any chance. Mine is also held with springs (no duct tape luckily). Where & how much you pay for the generic filter if I can ask? Trademe?

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            @ace310: I bought from this guy a couple of times
            used a basic f8, and last year put in a carbon (I like to try cook asian and indian dishes that tend to smell). Dont actually know if it changed anything though as got a pretty decent extractor fan a a/c unit at the same time.
            Only needed duct tape as I dropped a spring and couldnt find it amoungst all the insulfluff

            • @rkl: Thanks. I was looking at the same site. they have a listing on trademe as well.

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