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Celsius Wallet Signup Bonus: US$90 for New Users or $40 for Existing Users (US $50 Deposit Required)


Signed up with a referral > added ADA40 code in the app.Transferred 150ADA to the wallet and meet the eligibility criteria for US$90 bonus.

Edit: Another possible combo is Referral+STABLE10+STABLE50 to get US$110 with a qualifying amount of US$400 in USDC or USDT. Might be cheaper to buy coins in the app.

Sign-Up with a referral code or use STABLE10 (US$10 bonus with minimum transfer of US$50 and 30 day lock-in period).
Stack this with the existing user promo codes for e.g. ADA40/BNB40 or STABLE50 (in the app, Profile > Promo Codes).
Transfer the eligible amount to the wallet.
Eligible transfer must be made within 30 days of activating the promo code.

Promo Code| Reward Amount | Reward Coin | Minimum Transfer | Eligible Coin(s) | Lock Period
HODL10^ $10 BTC $100 All 30 days
HODL50^ $50 BTC $400 All 30 days
BNB40^ $40 BNB $400 BNB 30 days
UNI60 $60 UNI $400 UNI 30 days
PAXG60 $60 PAXG $400 PAXG 30 days
ADA40^ $40 ADA $400 ADA 30 days
STABLE10^ $10 BTC $50 USDC,USDT 30 days
STABLE50^ $50 BTC $200 USDC,USDT 30 days

^ Existing users

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  • +1

    Good to see some crypto deals being posted! I have been making the most of other deals like Coinbase learn and earn (skip the videos and go straight to the quiz, the answers are on Reddit). Sadly, I don't have a current passport so I can't do this one, drat.

    • Ive got over US$300 crypto through Coinbase giveaways so far.

  • -3

    can't we not have this. next we'll be seeing NFT deals for half price, only 10k buy now etc etc.

    • +4

      That double negative is really confusing 🤔

    • Whats wrong with this its a pretty good sign up bonus. If you're anti crypto then just say it.

  • I remember buying two BTC for just over $400 NZD back in 2015…
    I was into crypto before it was cool now its just a fad

    • I forgot about some of my crypto accounts from 2017 and was pleasantly surprised to see that they made me a couple grand when I managed to get access to em last year! Just one acc left now on Binance.

  • How long should a transfer take? Been 45 mins now from Binance to Celsius, still waiting. 0/30 confirmations. The network busy?

    • Does it support? I am very naive in crypto however i read this - not sure if binance transfer works?


      • ADA has just been added to Celsius and thats why this bonus code and yes supported now. Staking reward is 5.10%
        Happy to say the transfer has gone through after an hour. Thats pretty harsh for crypto.

  • US$10 bonus with minimum transfer of US$50 and 30 day lock-in period - does this mean money must stay for 30 days?

    • Yes these promo codes have a 30 day lock-in period.

  • What personal details do we have to give them to sign up?

    • +1

      I can't say for sure but these places typically need a form of photo id verified for anti money laundering purposes. So a fair bit of personal details really.

  • +1

    Anyone got any tips for transferring stable coins to them with the least amount of fees?

    • I went nicehash->nexo->celsius
      Nexo gives one free withdraw a month, lost a bit in exchange fees etc but reward should be worth it

    • +2

      I find the gas fee are the lowest on weekends after 17:00 NZST and USDC transaction costs are lower than USDT.

  • Celsius team is fixing a bug that affects promo and referral codes.


    • Update:Mine showed up this arvo!

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