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Flybuys Pressies: Earn between 50 to 1000 Points Daily @ Flybuys


Click on the link, enter your details and see if you have won a prize.
Both my sister and I received 50 flybuys points - will everyone??

Post more links below if you find them , this QR code was in New World in the cleaning aisle.


Start date:
The Promotion runs from 1 September 2021 to 11.59pm on 30 September 2021 (Promotional Period).

In-store and online. Each Prize will be available to be won on a particular day of the Promotion Period (Daily Prize Allocation). If a Prize is not won on the day of the Promotion Period to which it is allocated, the Prize will be included in the next day’s Daily Prize Allocation.


Not all Prezzies will reveal a Prize. Subject to paragraph 15, the Prezzies that reveal a Prize will be selected at random by computer algorithm.
Each Member may win a maximum of one Prize per Participating Partner on each day of the Promotion Period.

Promotional Period and Participating Partners

  1. The Promotion runs from 12.01am on 1 September 2021 to 11.59pm on 30 September 2021 (Promotional Period).
  2. The Flybuys partners who are participating in the Promotion (each a Participating Partner) are; New World, Z Energy, Caltex, Noel Leeming, Liquorland, Henry’s, iSubscribe, State, BNZ, Torpedo7, Harrisons, Colmar Brunton, Petcover, Clearly, Elgas, Europcar, helloworld Travel.

The Prizes

  1. There is a total of 28,350 individual prizes of either 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 500 or 1,000 Flybuys each (each a Prize).
  2. The number of Prizes of each amount of Flybuys is:
Prize Total Prizes
50 28,110
100 90
150 90
200 60
250 60
500 30
1000 30

making up a total prize pool for the Promotion of 1,500,000 Flybuys.

  1. Each Prize will be available to be won on a particular day of the Promotion Period (Daily Prize Allocation). If a Prize is not won on the day of the Promotion Period to which it is allocated, the Prize will be included in the next day’s Daily Prize Allocation.
  2. Prizes are not exchangeable, non-transferrable, and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  3. Prizes are subject to the Flybuys Membership and Reward Currency Terms and Conditions, available at www.flybuys.co.nz.

How Prizes can be won

  1. Members can win Prizes by:
    1. clicking on Prezzies hidden on the Flybuys website and websites of selected Participating Partners; and
    2. scanning the QR code on posters or points of sale (Prezzies) hidden in-store at selected partners throughout New Zealand (depending on Covid-19 alert level(s) around the country;to see if they reveal a Prize.
  2. Not all Prezzies will reveal a Prize. Subject to paragraph 15, the Prezzies that reveal a Prize will be selected at random by computer algorithm.
  3. Prizes are only available to be won on each day of the Promotion Period while the Daily Prize Allocation for that day lasts.
  4. Clues to the location of Prezzies will be available at flybuysprezzies.co.nz and will be updated periodically throughout the Promotion Period.
  5. Loyalty NZ shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure that each Prize is credited to the winner’s Flybuys account within 10 business days of the winner revealing the Prize.
  6. Prizes will automatically convert from Flybuys into the Reward Currency selected for each Flybuys account at the time of processing.

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  • Dam you 😁😁you are worth the wins well done 👍👍your a keeper

  • Has anyone used the petrol discount and knows the limits? Eg. 3c per point * 80L of petrol =

    • I guess not worth it in lockdown. Rather use it in NW.

      On side note, no idea on the limit.

    • Up to 50 litres only, if you fill up more than 50 you have to pay the full price for the excess litres.

      • but i guess i can basiccally use this to get free petrol? Seems like it i buy 50L worth at a time then the points have quiet a high value

        • You have to redeem the fuel points by 31 Oct.

        • Yeah, we have used half of our wins so far for the petrol discounts, and then switched to NW dollars once we got to ~$2.3 fuel discounts. Just got to be careful that you don't get too many fuel discounts or it will be wasted points if it's more than the per litre cost of the fuel, as I understand it.
          And make sure you will need to fill up before the end of Oct (tricky if you're in Auckland stuck at home!)

        • +1

          Btw, it's 3c/l per 4 flybuy points. 300 points is about enough for a free 50L tank, about double the value of New World dollars if you can make use of it.

  • +1

    Have won 750 pts so far and have just redeemed a Blunt umbrella, a Breville kettle and a rice cooker for 713 pts 😁

    • How many accounts/cards?

      • Across 3 cards

        • Yeah thats roughly 1 in 50 odds of winning points which sounds right to me and in line with my winrate the past 10 days.

    • That luck is insane, I've only won twice. I've only received the points for one of those winnings as well, which may be due to my first win being before the promotion officially started. I only have one card but I'm glad others are having better luck than me.

  • So I emailed Flybuys about the missing points from the 30th and 31st, and they have just credited them to my account

    • Did you have screenshot as proof?

      • No, I told them I had scanned instore at New World on both days but hadn't received the points. They emailed back and forth for a week saying 'we see you received 100 points on Monday maybe that was it' before they credited them to my account.
        The points on my flybuys statement have the right dates, 30th and 31st August.

        • Lucky. I tried the same and they said the promo didn't start till Sept 1 so the entries were invalid. They offered a small consolation of points.

  • +3

    I must be the only unlikely one that hasn't won anything points. Usually do 2-5 clicks and typically in the morning so far no luck

    • +1

      just do all 17 every day in a row, odds seem to be roughly 1 in 50

      • The (national) odds in the last 16 days are about 0.8%.

        Hint: when you click on each vendor you'll see how many games have been played. Add up all 17 vendors.

        Number of wins = 945 x number of days so far in September.

        • +1

          Theres also many thousands of entries submitted when no prizes were remaining each day

    • +1

      I feel your pain, I'm still waiting for my first win as well.

  • What's happening? They've chewed through 80% of tomorrow's 50,000 points!

    • Now 655,600 left!
      Maybe they have started crediting all those points won on the 30th & 31st August.

  • Lmao it's still going down

  • 657950

  • I think someone left work and forgot to turn the tap off.

  • Stopped at 654,750.

    • +1

      Wonder if you could use a bot to monitor the points remaining - as soon as it starts dropping again it could mean they've "turned the tap on" for that day and would be the best time to use your entries.

      • I think I lost out to bots at The Warehouse this morning!

        • XBSX? Yeah they went fast again, you only have like 10min max

          • @NeM2k2: Yes. I fluffed around too much looking on TheMarket as well for cheaper.

  • another 50 points today and yesterday

  • +1

    Started at 654,750. Stopped at 621,600. Change of 33,150.

  • +1

    Yeah not many today after last night's extra

    • +1

      I suspect the same for weekend until back on track.

  • I would think not as that's when people are out and about ..they want to lure them in

    • More than enough of the population captive in Auckland.

  • And I'm sure they made the most of the online ones well I worked

  • Started at 621,600. Stopped at 588,450. Change of 33,150.

  • Ok u win 😅

    • LOL! Wasn't a competition. How much today? Somewhere around 38,450?

  • 🤣was it really out by that much that night.I did notice the ticker is starting later on I was doing mine early morning I might start round 10am Monday to say if that's any better

    • It was nearly two days of points in one day! On the days I've been around to observe the points are flowing after 7 or 8am. There was one day I observed the points flowing through the day and after midnight.

  • Got 50 points around 835AM. Stops a four day no win spell.

    • Until the 14th I was winning on odd numbered days now it's even numbered.

  • I notice today round 8.35 it started

  • +1

    50 today. After 3 days of nothing. Not sure if playing time matters. I usually play at 8.30 or 9 am. Today it was at 10.30am

  • +1

    I think it does matter I've been keeping a eye on the counter

  • +1

    Looks like it's a three-peat of 33,150.

  • Wonder if the ticker will start again later tonight

    • +1

      I think that's it for today. Check back tomorrow morning after 8am.

  • Started at 588,450. Stopped at 555,300. Change of 33,150.

  • 10 days to go, hopefully I can win some more ;)
    So far I have won a total of 1650 points, 30x50 points and 1x150 point (from yesterday). I have already redeemd three items worth nearly 2400 flybuy points. What a great promotion from Flybuys!

    • Well done! That's the equivalent of spending $41,250 at New World or $82,500 at Noel Leeming!

    • Wow, so lucky. How many cards do you have?

      • Not really luck I guess as I have 9 cards in my family…

    • Are you checking 4-5 cards per day?

      • What do you think the numbers were today as it's still going down

        • On the basis of 50,000 per day as low as 500,000.

      • 9 cards in my family, but i missed out the period between 01/09 ~ 06/09 as i didn't know the promotion

  • Dam that's alot

    • +5

      Hey mate, this is a little OCD of me but when you're replying to a comment it's best to click on "reply" under the comment. A new box will appear to type your reply into, otherwise people might not know whether you're replying to them, another comment or just making a new comment. You will probably get a better response to your questions.

  • Nada today. Played at 9.30am.

  • 511,950 at midnight. Points still falling.

  • Clock started early this morning also 👍

  • 50 today. Played between 10.20 - 10.55am

    • Another 50 today. Played around 9.40am.

      • Nothing today. Played around 9am

        • Zip today. Played at 10.30am

          • @roshanNZ: Nothing for the past few days, including today.

  • +1

    Two days, nothing. Played between 9 to 9.45am

    • After 4 days of nothing, I won 250 points under my brother's account (which is no use to me 😅). Total win today is 350 points.

  • +3

    I haven't got anything for nearly a week.

  • Just 50 here today. Had a ripper of a day last week (400pts) but since then it's been 50/50 0pts or 50pts.

  • Woohoo!!! If you noticed the points dropped a bit more than usual in the last hour? It's because someone in our household won one of the 1,000 Flybuys prezzies!

    • No way well done you deserve it my friend

      • Thank you! It wasn't me but my brother's partner. She's been playing one card most days since I mentioned the competition a few days after it started. She's missed the odd day and some days the daily points have already been exhausted. So there's hope for everyone you can win big with one card and a bit of perseverance.

        • How cool tho it's good to hear nice storyslike this one 👍let's us know what they get

    • +1

      You're the second Cheapie to score the big one after @jamesdeal a couple of weeks ago!
      Well done.

    • +1


  • Won twice using only one card since the start of the promotion. However, only one of them actually counted as the first win was before the promotion actually started, guess it never got credited. Lots of people are getting really lucky here.

    • Are you checking all seventeen prezzies each day? Are you checking the balance of Flybuys still to be won is falling before checking each day?

      • All 17, pretty early in the day so I would assume the daily limit wouldn't be hit either.

        • As long as you're not starting before the points are falling. Early on I made the mistake of checking after midnight unaware I was wasting my chances. They've chewed through 20,000 of today's 50,000 points allocation so today or some other day less than 50,000 are going to be allocated to square the balance. I don't see you're doing anything wrong. Maybe just the luck hasn't been with you to date. Here's hoping your luck changes for the rest of the month.

          • @Peter Wyngarde: The ticker only moves the moment the points get credited into your account (so a few days after the actual win). Just a thought.

            • @The Hound: Are you sure?

              I see it move every day (I haven't checked all days myself though), and usually down by 50,000 (1,500,000 / 30) per day although sometimes there are exceptions.

            • +1

              @The Hound: I called Flybuys and they confirmed it's a live total for Flybuys still to be won as each prezzie is opened. There's no delay or lag with the Flybuys being credited to accounts a day or two later.

  • +7

    Just won 500 flybuy points, woohoo!!

    • 🤯

    • Congrats on your good size winnings

    • Lucky! Congrats. Points have been slow and steady here, never anything more than 50pts

  • Seems like the allocation may already be exhausted today. Been sitting on 182,500 for a while. Plus that's not many left for the rest of today and the next 4 days too.

    • I could be mistaken but I didn't check my second card until yesterday evening and the remaining Flybuys were above 250,000. On the basis of 50,000 points per day the balance shouldn't be below 200,000 for today. However, more recently there's been less predictability with more than 50,000 points per day. I suspect they did this to allow a larger number of members to check their cards and win. Arguably, by sticking to 50,000 points per day and a predictable daily end balance, this was increasingly reducing the winnable hours per day and limiting the group of winners. Early on during the promotion there was a trend where the daily points allocation was being exhausted earlier and earlier each day. Presumably, this was because members were increasingly checking earlier each day before the daily allocation of points were exhausted. Anyway back to today and why has there been more points won than you'd expect on weekend and so early in day as well? I checked my emails and found an email from Flybuys regarding the promotion. Naturally, this email as with past emails and marketing activities has lead to greater interest and winning of points.

      • Agreed - That makes a lot of sense to me.

  • +1

    Looks like the 27 Sep 2021 allocation is used up already (remaining points are less than 150,000 as of now).

    • Points still falling so get in quick if you haven't already. If they keep this up each day then there won't be much left on last day. I thought they might have started to rein it in today.

      • Just won 2 x 50