Stuff fibre Reviews?

Looking to get good vaue 1000/1000 (950/800?) Internet.

Any reviews on whether you get good international speeds on Stuff?

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stuff fibre
stuff fibre


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    Just be aware that its 'up to' 950 / 400 (I think) but maybe i'm out of date?

    If you are getting 950 down and 400 (or 800) up from your current provider, then you should be able to get the same from Stuff I would think.

    If you want, I can run a test to a specific international server for you - let me know.



    • Thank you! Just something like Speedtest in Los Angeles or Taiwan, thanks

      • The speed you get from such shouldn't vary with the provider by much if any. If you pop up a command prompt on your computer and type in

        tracert - (that's one I made up but make it an international addy)
        then tap enter
        You'll see a list of all the servers your request is travelling thru to get to that place.
        Your local internet provider has no control over the download speeds capabilities of those servers.

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          Thank you. I'm a software engineer. The international transit or peering arrangements for each ISP will differ so international speeds are the most important to compare for me. Some have even been known to route through longer than necessary paths for cost. E.g. routing all to US or europe where it is free vs direct to destination. Local NZ speeds will largely be the same as you say.

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        My speeds are usually about 100 down and 100 up (not sure why I never get more down, but it doesn't particularly bother me).

        I just did:

        Los Angeles, CA - 2degrees: Down = 45 / Up = 50

        Taiwan - CRN-VCP: Down = 3.5 / Up = 5

        Interesting that Taiwan is a tenth the speed of LA, but I have no idea if CRN-VCP was a good choice or not - let me know if you want me to try a different server in Taiwan.


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    I've used stuff fibre for the past 10 months with no issues

  • been with stuff for a couple years , no issues

  • Been about two months into our six months half price. Cant complain, they sent a borked router and I had a replacement within a day or two

  • I’ve been with them little over a half an year now. Can’t complain.

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    Fibre is fibre, they all use the same Chorus backbone. Only differences are the plans and level of support if you’re someone who might need it.

  • We have been with them for 8 months no issues
    I used an affiliate link when we signed up 6 months half price 6 months full price so averages at $60 per month over the year.
    I have had slightly lower speeds at peak times but not noticeable (we arent gamers)
    I have an affiliate link if you like send me a message :)

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    A lot of people here saying "fiber is fiber" and "they all run on the same backbone". That is only semi true. Yes chorus maintains the physical fiber itself, but they don't manage what's on each end of the fiber. The reason I like stuff is because they're one of the few ISPs left who don't use CGNAT. This means you can still do things like port forwarding and hosting some sort of server etc on your home network If you'd like. They also used to let you buy a static IP for a one off $50 but they've now ended that sadly. But at least it's still not crappy CGNAT that all the cheap carriers use.

    I've been with stuff fiber at my parents place where I host a large media server for 5 years and they've been rock solid and fast. Now I have it at my own home too and the speeds are just as solid. Only downside is I couldn't get a static IP but that's ok I can still use dynamic DNS if I'd like to host things.

    The other benefit is if you sign up with a referral (there's a referral generator on cheapies to get a randomised code from someone) you get 6 months half price. If you want to cancel, it's only $100 instead of something ridiculous. So even if you cancel after 6 months of half price that's still only an average of $56 a month.

    They're worth a shot in my opinion, especially when their support actually understands technical issues / will actually put tickets in for them to be fixed. But if your needs are basic you can always go with some cheap ISP like the ones with your power company etc.

    Hope that helps :)

    • I haven't tried up to now with Stuff-Fibre, but why can't you get a static IP?

      Do they just not do that?

      • Yeah unfortunately they just don't offer it anymore since their "system upgrade" a while ago. So they still don't use CGNAT, but you can't choose to buy a static IP anymore. Paying a one time fee of $50 for a static IP was an amazing deal, so I iamgine many people with home servers signed up to them and they had to end up. I believe some others like myrepublic give you a static IP but for a monthly charge.

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      +1 to no CGNAT

      also different ISPs have different peering partners etc which for some (e.g. gamers) could make a difference .. run your pings and traceroutes people :lol:

  • I have a bunch of plex shares I use. Used to be able to stream 1080p remux and sometimes 4k remux depending on the time of day. Then all of a sudden they barely work, buffering all the time. Even low quality files. I’m not sure what stuff did but something happened at their end.

    • Anyone else having issues with plex as well? I just signed up and heavily use plex so it will be a deal breaker for me if plex won't work.

  • Likewise happy with Stuff Fibre. Simple and straightforward.

  • been on it for almost 2 yrs. no issues.

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    I do have one issue with Stuff, which is their website is pretty crappy. Wouldn't stop me using them if on a good deal, since I almost never go to their website, but thought I'd mention it.

    I've had one outage in about ten months (apart from a power cut, which is not their fault) - more than I ever had with Slingshot in three years I believe, but a one-off issue could happen to anyone, so not something I'm too concerned about. A second one in the near future and I might feel different.

    Not sure yet if I will renew my contract when it expires - that will come down to what deal(s) they offer at the time, but if I could get the same or very close with someone else, they don't do any kind of NAT (including CGNAT) and maybe they offered a static-IP for a fair price (which I am not using right now, but would be convenient), then I might move.

    Any other things to consider when comparing one fibre provider to another?


  • I've had Spark Fibre for about 5 years now. I"ve never had any issue with it at all. Very pleased with that. ADSL just wasn't the same lol.

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