Staff Discount Codes for Certain Brands

Kia ora everyone,

Please find some of the staff discount codes for certain company if anyone want to use it.

*1. CIRCUBAND: Portable resistance training equipment. Made in New Zealand from strong, safe, and quality components, Circuband can be used for hundreds of different resistance-based exercises, and weighing in at as little as 700grams means it can be taken anywhere with you.

Receive a 30% discount when spending $30 and over.

Use this code at checkout: SynergyHealth10

*3. TORPEDO7: Torpedo7 is the leading outdoor store in New Zealand. They have a huge selection of camping equipment, snow and water gear, comfortable outdoor clothing for men, women and kids, trampolines, hiking gear, bags and packs of all sizes and outdoor equipment to guide you in your next adventure.

use code : SYNERGYT712021


  • Discounts are off RRP and vary by category. If the product is already on promotion customer will receive the lower offer or promo pricing. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. Excludes Bikes and Frames, Electronics, Freight, Gift Cards, and Workshop Services. Valid from 04/11/2020 to 30/10/2021

*4. CORONET PEAK TANDEM PARAGLIDING AND HANG GLIDING :Are you up for a Queenstown adventure? Wondering what things to do in Queenstown?

How about soaring majestically through the skies like an eagle, surrounded by breathtaking mountain views?

Experience Queenstown’s fantastic views with one of the best activities in Queenstown! Choose Coronet Peak Tandems for your Queenstown Paragliding and/or Hang Gliding adventure.


Winter Paragliding Summit Take off - Instructional 15% off with code br15pg

Summer Paragliding Higher Take off - Aerobatic Flight 15% off with code br15rgpg

Summer Hang gliding Instructional 15% off with code br15hg

*5. GOOD BUZZ KOMBUCHA :Kombucha is thought to have originated out of Manchuria, China around 2000 years ago when and where tea was first discovered. There are many legends around how kombucha came to be but most likely was a sweetened tea that was left to start fermenting by way of the right mix of yeast and bacteria in the air. It has been consumed because of the improvement to digestive health due to the presence of acetic acid and probiotics.

Get 15% off any purchase of Good Buzz Kombucha using the code, SYNERGYHEALTH15

Share in the comments if you know other discount code for other brands.

Hope you guys enjoy :)


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    Thanks for the post kadam21! Might be time to buy some more New Balance gear.

    For T7 users - not quite as good as the HNZ offer but a good code nonethless.

    Good Buzz - IGGETSTARTED & GETSTARTED seem to be decent codes.

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      Also NZPOST40 for 40% off New balance. It may add free shipping as well? It did on my attempt but wasn't sure if it's a cart value thing

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    Thanks OP.

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    Looks like the New Balance discount has been stopped unless it was a limited time only thing.


      Kia ora ,

      Yes it was. I'll took it off from the post.

      Thank You.

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    You can use KIWIBANK40 as well @ New Balance