Cheap Solar Panels @ 1-Day Sales

There a bunch of cheap solar panels for sale at 1-day sales.

The cost is very cheap compared to estimations from the

Has anyone used them before?

I'd like to know whether they are worth getting.

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    I'd also be interested in what you might expect to get out of one of these (say, the 320W model, in a fixed position) across a year living in Auckland … if anyone knows :-)

    Alternatively, is there some way to calculate an estimate using online sources?



      Good for more detailed checking of panel orientation options and for seeing estimated rates of output depending on month and hour of day.
      There are more basic ones out there to give estimate of yearly output and cost benefits for a house system

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      On the online tool in the original post it says the typical installation in NZ is 3kw, a 320w model isn't going to do much unless you live in a tiny home/caravan.

      Have a look at to see what small panels can power


        Agreed - I was just looking for a calculator for any sized panel and figured the 320W model might be the most efficient in terms of space.


    Your installer can get probably get better for cheaper trade pricing.
    That solar tool pricing might be out of date. Panels have come down in price