Free Tickets to The Go Green Expo Christchurch @ Event Brite


Free Tickets to the Go Green Expo Christchurch at Event Brite

Event dates:
7 & 8 August, Christchurch Arena

NZ’s Largest Green Living & Sustainable Lifestyle Show. Free parking in site too.

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    The description is a bit confusing on the website. Do we still need to pay $5 upon entry?

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      I don’t think they actually charge. They give out free tickets everywhere. Seems like it’s just a marketing ploy.


    It's free entry if you "register" for the free tickets on their site. So no, you won't need to pay if you go through the site to get the free tickets. (The wording is a bit funny).


    This event is worth it just for the fun you can have with the pseudo science booths. Last few years they had:

    Ionized water purifier
    Magnetic bracelets and accessories
    Courses to become a licensed homeopathic veterinarian

    And of course, salt lamps everywhere.
    Needless to say, most of this is not scientifically palatable but very fun nevertheless.


      I went a couple of times and it was great, heaps of gardening stuff and interesting eco products etc. Then as I understand it the organisers started jacking up the prices and now it's all alkaline water, crystals, and other bullshit.