What Do You Want to See from a Coupon/Deal/Discount Website?

Hey everyone,

I represent an Overseas Deals/Coupon Platform and we're looking at expanding to New Zealand.
Sorry, can't tell you which one yet (Mods, happy to discuss for disclosure purposes)

I'm just wondering what type of deals are your favorites/ you like seeing?

Online Discount Codes?
In-store/Offline Coupons?
Printable Coupons for redemption later?
Rebates - Points for Discount Gift Cards/Cashback etc?

Also any features you'd like to see on there as well.

Feel free to shoot me a private message as well if you wish.


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    no new site needed just post codes here

    • We'll be sourcing out own deals from merchants/stores etc directly, not like here - means we'll be hopefully providing plenty more content for you all to post.

      There's also a post limit on here, so it wouldn't be really conducive to post them all here, but I'll be posting a few when we launch :)

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        Probably makes a lot more sense just to ask the mods here to increase your posting limit here - no harm in asking.

        Trying to go it alone you'll probably look like one of the thousands of other 'coupon' sites that are out there, and pretty much they are all crap - their business model is a mixture of kickbacks, advertising (I have no issue with advertising - as long as the site is not crippled by it), and selling people's profile data.

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    Off the top of my head…

    • Online coupons
    • Discounts on common gift cards
    • Better cashback: pretty poor / slow in NZ unless doing directly through product company, i.e., Brother. Hoping CashRewards does more in NZ. Just cashed out $65 through Paypal thanks to CR. Simply taking advantage of their $5/10/20 cashback for $5/10/20 spend deals.
    • Supermarket coupons (printable or online)
    • Coupons that aren't already provided elsewhere. Freevouchercodes just started up recently. 90% of it looks like a copy and paste of Cheapies.
    • Coupons from stores that hardly provide em; Macpac, North Beach etc.
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      It's simple really, just hire this guy ^ and you'll be sweet.

    • That's great feedback, thanks Wakrak!

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    Macpac coupons!

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      I'll make a note of it!

  • I'm just wondering what type of deals are your favorites/ you like seeing?

    Offers from St Pierre's Sushi 👍

    • I'll pass it on to the team! Thanks

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    In my opinion:

    One of the best things about Cheapies is the discount or voucher code is quick and easy to find. Too many of those existing deal websites hide the code, and you have to click or sign up or open popup boxes or click dodgy referal links or jump through other hoops just to find the discount code which 9/10 doesn't work.

    Another great thing about Cheapies is the real time voting on codes. Non-working codes are swiftly removed or dealt to. Too many of those other discount websites keep non-working codes up for way too long.

    • That's so very true.
      I'm a bit of a bargain hunter myself, so I find the barrage of pop-ups on some sites quite infuriating!
      I'm in charge of the UX so don't worry about that! We won't be doing that.

      We work directly with the merchants and agencies on when their offer will be expiring, so you'll find no expired coupons (and go through our site quite regularly to check the quality of the content.)

      Our current platform, you don't need to sign up to use any codes etc, however we do offer our members exclusive discounts via emails and send out a fortnightly newsletter with live local/trending offers.

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    Remember how popular 1-day was back when it first launched and they actually had good deals and products. The "1-day 3 Deals" thing was a good draw, I remember religiously logging in every day at 12noon to see that days deals. Well…
    What if there was a discount website with a similar premise. 3x Unique, Better-than-standard discount codes (maybe for places that dont do discounts often), available for 24 hours only (or until the deal exceeds its use or whatever)….

    • Daily unique coupon codes, that's something I can get behind! Generally we send these out via email or a push notification as it's direct. But creating a section on the website that you want to check out everyday is a great idea. I'll make note of it, Cheers Arsonist.

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    I'd like things like

    • Free shipping/ click and collect fees for Farmers/Briscoes

    • Supermarket discounts (eg. $10 off $100 for first 1000 customers)

    • Credit card signup bonus (the types of deals we have are nothing compared to those in Australia)

    • Discount codes for existing SKY, power, internet customers: just give me a code to enter when re-signing for 12 or 24 months, don't make me call up and threaten to leave.

    • Cashbacks to spend at a certain retailer using a certain credit card (similar to Amex's '$10 cashback on $50+ spend at BP' last year)

    • Thanks sunshinenz!

      Will send this to the team :)

  • I would like the following which what we need every day….

    supermarket shopping coupon, or take away discount Domini / Pizza Hut / KFC / Burger King

    Petrol discount coupon for car.

    Power company credit and Broadband for living discount

    online shopping discount / coupons for cloth, shoes etc for living

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    Don't have "click here to view code" that launches another website and refreshes the page to view the code. Frustrating.
    No gimmicks, codes that actually work or they get removed/expired.
    No referral codes that pose as discount codes.
    No Ali express drop shipping deals.

    Of course I'm interested in food deals!
    More unique deals.

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