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Hey guys, i am looking to buy our 1st trampoline for my daughter’s 4th birthday and need some help with selecting one.

Should we go for 8 or 10 feet.

I see farmers have 50% sale on Plum trampolines, any reviews of this brand, are they any good? Normally farmers is known to stock good quality stuff.

I see torpedo has sale going on as well on trampolines and hospitality code doesnt give much discount on them as they are already on sale, plus you have to pay delivery as no click and collect option on these.

Another website i found is jumpflex which seems to have good reviews but they are a bit pricey.

Please help, thanks.


  • Bought the 8ft one from Torpedo 7 in store for my daughters 4th birthday.

    We are in our 3rd year with no signs of age and wear. There was no issue with the set-up and instructions were easy to follow. It needs 2 people to set it up particularly when installing the springs.

    I wouldn't hesitate to go back to Torpedo7 for this trampoline again.

    • Thanks for your comment, is it the one from the big bounce brand? And can one adult go in it with the child? Looks like they dont have 8ft anymore, starts from 10ft now

  • If you have the space I would definitely recommend a 12 foot tramp.

    • Yes we have a lot of space, thanks we’ll go for 12ft

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      I agree - at the very least, go for a 10' model, but 12' is much bigger (the 12' is more than twice the size of the 8').

      8' is roughly 50 sq ft
      10' is roughly 79 sq ft (about 56% larger than an 8')
      12' is roughly 113 sq ft (about 125% larger than an 8' and about 44% larger than a 10')


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    They may seem pricey but I can vouch for Jumpflex, especially for longevity and support. We've had ours for years, long enough that the pads on the springs and the nets had degraded due to UV exposure. Couple of hundred dollars and we had brand new pads and new and improved nets (design had changed from the original and much easier to install and keep on) and it's like a new trampoline again. Worth considering if you'll be keeping it a long time!

    • Thanks for your comment, i am thinking of buying jumpflex 12ft but have you heard of spacejump? Spacejump has got water slide and meteor shower accessories which are cool compared to jumpflex and also they have black friday sale free hover board free shipping free anchor kit. Looks like spacejump is very similar to jumpflex but would like to hear from others?

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    Get the biggest you can fit in the area you have. We went to the 14 and didn't regret it. I did a poll on a parenting page a few years back. Asking for a positive or negative vote for each brand. We went to jumpflex. 3 years old now. Zip broke on the net, otherwise like new. I probably should consider getting that sorted, but ehhh. Over 100 responses. Here are the results.

    Jumpflex: 41 positive, 1 negative
    Big Bounce: 30 positive, 4 negative (rust or fading, usually replaced free)
    Kmart: 8 positive, 3 negative, 1 neutral
    Springfree: 9 positive, 1 neutral
    Supertramp: 3 positive
    Warehouse: 11 positive 7 negative
    Farmers: 6 positive, 1 negative, 2 neutral
    Others: 4 positive

    • Thanks for your comment, i am thinking of buying jumpflex 12ft but have you heard of spacejump? Spacejump has got water slide and meteor shower accessories which are cool compared to jumpflex and also they have black friday sale free hover board free shipping free anchor kit. Looks like spacejump is very similar to jumpflex but would like to hear from others?

  • Any Cheapies have access to the Consumer NZ Website?

    • Consumer basically gave every trampoline a bad review for safety. Except the springfree. The srpingfree is a premium product. A big step above all the others price wise. They were more safety than anything else. If it's the report you found.

  • Does JumpFlex ever have sales or discounts?

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      I have no idea but it looks like their product is pretty good as per the reviews

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    Found this 2 year old thread on Geekzone which is favourable for JumpFlex

  • I bought a 12ft Big Bounce trampoline from No.1 Fitness back in 2015. It's still going strong being around 6 years old now. We often have several adults or up to 5 children bouncing on it at the same time (neighbours kids). As others have recommended get a 12ft trampoline at the minimum, it's a good amount of space to play on.

    I've only had three (minor) issues with it:

    1) The net at the opening zipper came apart but that's probably because our kids are fairly rough and love to literally run at the netting. I fixed that with a needle and some polyester thread.
    2) Just this year the blue pad that covers the springs became worn at the opening from people getting on and off. It was still fine to use as the hole wasn't that big but I didn't like the worn out look so I bought a replacement. Installing the new pad only required removing the net and took about half an hour in total. Looking back now I probably could have just rotated the original netting 180, although looking at the new pad it's clear to see the old one been bleached by the sun.
    3) Last year the little blue plastic caps at the bottom of the ladder fell apart which if left as is would cause scratch marks on the concrete underneath when someone used the ladder (again sun damage causing them to become weak). I took the caps at the top of the ladder (which hangs under the mat so you don't see the top of the ladder anyway) and used them for a while until they started falling apart too. I then found some rubber caps from Aliexpress with the right diameter for like $1 which solved that problem for good.

    Hope that helps!

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      Thanks for taking out time to write this comment, it is very helpful. I am inclining more towards The Big Bounce 12ft ($539.73) vs Jumpflex 12ft ($899)

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        For what its worth, I would probably go the same way - I would figure that, after some years, I would just replace it entirely with a new Big Bounce (say).

        This would be my thinking:

        We don't know what the actual life is, but your child is four (no idea if you might have a younger one of course), but assume a life of about ten years (not much use past them turning fourteen years old).

        If we got five years out of the Big Bounce, then buy another, it would cost about $1,080 (ignoring inflation and / or price reductions) which is not that much more than the JumpFlex, but the average age of the tramp (across ten years) would be 2.5 years, rather than five years.

        Also, if you buy it, and they don't use it as much as you anticipate, the outlay is less, and you might not replace it after five years anyway in which case you are way better off.

        You might be able to sell either one at the end of its life, but I would work on it being worth nothing, and if you can, that's a bonus.


        • Makes sense, i like the way you think 😊

          • @offroad: Can you get accessories for the Big Bounce like the shade cover?

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              @Arsonist: Be a little cautious about the shade covers - I don't know about the Big Bounce version but some can increase the chances of wind lifting the tramp and / or causing rips in windy conditions.

              You always think you'll take them down / off if it gets windy, but reality is often different :-)


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    Hey guys, has anybody tried spacejump trampoline? Can see they offering free hover board and also some cool accessories (meteor water shower)

    • I am pretty much in the same place as you were. Have you made up your mind? Which trampoline did you get?

      I am still comparing Jumpflex vs Spacejump vs Superfly x

      • I haven’t made up my mind yet.

        Heard so many good things about jumpflex but its a bit pricey. On the other hand, space jump looks exactly the same but a bit cheaper than jumpflex and also got some cool accessories like water slide and the meteor shower.

        And sometimes i think, do we really need to spend $1100-$1200 on tramp and accessories, what if she only plays for a week or so and then only spiders are enjoying the tramp. So should i just get a small 8ft from torpedo for just $350 delivered

        Those are the things running my mind at the moment

        • Thats pretty much exactly what we have been thinking too!

          I have been to Jumpflex store as i live in Hamilton and tested out their trampolines for ourselves. They have 10ft, 12ft and 14ft outside.

          To be very honest, 10ft was also pretty big for one child to jump by himself. And if adult starts jumping together, then kids will just fall off as the bounce is too big for them. So if it's just for one kid, or kids with similar size, then 10ft looks pretty good too. But then you know what others say about trampoline. Bigger is better.

          So as you said, our other option is also Torpedo 7 trampoline. it also comes with 5 years warranty. so hope their quality is better than those Kmart or warehouse ones.

          It seems like Jumpflex won't be doing any big sale till the end of the year but wondering if other brand will do something during Xmas and Boxing day.

  • If I go with Jumpflex, i would go atleast 12ft because that has 250kg weight allowance, I have only 1 kid but just thinking if her friends come over, they can all jump in.

    Torpedo is running out of a lot of trampolines, 12ft only available in store Christchurch, I think 14ft is also gone. Only 8ft, 10ft and 16ft was available when i last checked yesterday

    My mate bought spacejump 12ft tramp recently along with their meteor shower, water slide, basketball hoop, anchor kit, ladder and they are loving it. I cant go and try it out because of lockdown in Akl.

    • I see what you mean. I didn't know that Jumpflex 10ft is only 150kg, whereas 12ft is 250kg.

      Have you ever checked on the Superfly x trampoline? They also offer 10 year warranty, 220kg weight limit, NZ company and they got pretty good reviews too. And their 12ft is $100 less than jumpflex one and the anchor kit is included.

      Only thing is, they don't have their own website or anything but you have to buy the trampoline through Tradetested.

      • Yes, I saw superfly on tradetested website the other day and there are some good reviews there. Actually 12ft is $280.81 cheaper than Jumpflex.

        Jumpflex 12FT $899 + $69 shipping + $39 anchor kit = $1007

        Superfly 12FT $799 minus 10% store promo off on The Market app minus another 10% off on The Market with code with delivery comes down to $726.19

        The only downside is: only accessory available is basketball hoop. No sunshade, no slide for little ones to come down (these 2 accessories are my main priorities)

        • Oh my god!!! I knew that The market app gives you 10% discount these days, but i never thought that you can have another 10% discount on top of that! With only 10% discount, the price on The market is pretty much same as the one one Tradetested but now with additional 10% discount, price is as you said, $726!!

          We won't be needing slide but sunshade would be nice to have. I will check if the K mart or jumpflex shade might fit on Superfly, and if they do look okay then i might go for Super fly!

          • @Hamilton: All the best 😊

            Just for the sake of good customer service, easily available parts and accessories, I’m gonna go with Jumpflex or Spacejump

          • @Hamilton: Pulled the trigger today, bought jumpflex 12ft with some accessories

            • @offroad: Nice one! I bought Superfly x on the last day of The market Black Friday sale. I will probably get K mart sunshade and find the way to secure it on ours lol

              • @Hamilton: sounds good, I am pretty happy with my purchase, the installation video looked very easy and it said should be done in 2hrs however it requires a lot of man power when attaching safety net to the poles, my body is so sore from last 2 days. I ordered mine on Wednesday and was delivered on Saturday (pretty impressed with their speedy delivery and build quality of trampoline). we are having hours of fun each morning in it. my 4YO was scared 1st day while jumping on it holding my hand but now she is fully confident and having lots of fun. I haven't even attached the anchor points, sunshade, shower hose yet. hope you get yours delivered soon and you guys have fun too :)

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