Double DIN Head Unit (FM/USB/BT)

Hi there, any recommendations for a basic double head unit, preferrably NO gps/reverse cam/touch screen. Under $250 budget.

25% off at Supercheap atm but wondering if any other good inputs.

Thank you.


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    I got mine from DrivingSound. if you are based in auckland they also do installation that is much cheaper than places like hyperdrive

    • may I ask which one you bought? & how much you pay for installation?

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        a sony double din cant remember the model, i got it two years ago. its prob not in stock anymore anyway. i cant remember and the invoice is long gone but what you can do is go in store (if u are based in akl) to look at some models and have a chat with them to get a good deal. thats what i did and i got it for about $40 cheaper overall too as I also got a rockford underseat sub installed. you can also just ring up/email for a quote.

      • I bought a Double Din from DrivingSound, good people there that sorted me out quickly and squeezed me in for an install. Got this one for $350 when they had a sale, and installation was about an hour and a half which was $150. All in all very happy with it, but I wish I went for one with Android Auto since I feel like its more modern and easier to get maps up on the screen rather than putting it on your phone.

        They were the cheapest around that I saw and were pretty knowledgeable on what they were selling and made me some recommendations

  • Repco now has a sale on. 20-30% off a couple of head units

  • If you dont mind 2nd hand there are a few deals out there, either facebook or trademe.
    my most recent headunit purchase was an alpine ilx-f309e for $450.


    Have had this for one for a year, installed myself in my Jap Subaru Outback import to replace the Jap sat nav and I hooked up to the Jap reverse camera and works well with my steering wheel controls.
    It is basic and does the job for a good price. Some people report bluetooth issues but I think that probably a lot of user error and settings on their phone. My partners phone automatically starts playing she uses the car but my does not, but that is just a setting in her podcast app and not the headunit.

    The only issue I have is that the microphone quality is not fantastic for hands free phone calls. So maybe I should get a better microphone? I did try the original jap sat nav microphone but that did not seem to improve voice quality, nor did moving the microphone around the cab.

  • Looking at DrivingSound, Hyperdrive the prices there seem unbelievably high. It almost looks like full installation is included in that price and then some.

    Since it hasn't been recommended here in this post already, you might want to consider purchasing one from AliExpress. Just find one that matches your car model and year and it will pretty much be plug and play. Obviously it's harder to get a solution if something goes wrong but normally the radios are so cheap you may find it worth the risk.

    I bought a Android radio headset with a large screen for about $250 from there which if bought in NZ looks like it would have cost $2000….

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    Super Cheap Auto have a sale starting tomorrow. Couple head units for under $200

    page 5.

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