Vodafone SuperWifi Worth Signing up to?

Renewed my broadband plan with Vodafone and they told me I could sign up to their SuperWiFi, where they ship you a couple of WiFi Mesh for Free but need to stay on an eligible plan for 24 months.

My Vodafone Plan:
FibreMax (900/500)
No phone line
Use Existing Vodafone Modem
$83/Month + One off $100 Credit.
Plan Term: 12 Months

Wondering is there any downside for signing up to their SuperWiFi, understand it would lock me to Vodafone for 24 Months (on an eligible plan), but is there anything else that I should be aware of?

The WiFi mesh is a 2 x TP-Link Deco X20 Wi-Fi 6, which is worth around $400.

Email from Vodafone:
Get your guaranteed wall-to-wall Wifi.
Vodafone SuperWifi – valued at $449 – is included at no extra cost as part of your broadband plan, all you need to do is redeem it. SuperWifi gives you fast, reliable, guaranteed wall-to-wall Wifi. If it doesn't deliver great coverage to every corner of your home, we'll give you a $100 account credit on your broadband account.
Redeem now and we'll get the units out to your place. No upfront costs. No rental charges. As long as you stay on any eligible broadband plan for 24 months, we'll cover the cost of the units.


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  • Guess you need to start with: do you need it?

    This Geekzone thread might give you the answers you’re after.

  • I've got it, it's good, does what it's supposed to. We have much better coverage throughout the house than their usual wifi box. Same plan/price as you also. They even got it out to me very fast (which is not their usual thing). Be aware your plan will go up after that 12mths is up and because you need to stay with them for 24 they know you can't do much about it. I've just gone out of mine and it went up $20 so now to start the painful process of dealing with cust service to negotiate it back down.

  • From what I've read Voda are not the best of the isp's. You just have to figure out if you really need that wifi coverage - at that cost of having to stick with Voda. You could easily use powerline adaptors instead, (with wifi built in), I've seen that work very well and it's a one off cost.

  • I work at Vodafone so I don’t think I’m allowed to comment on the product itself.

    I’d definitely recommend having a read through the Geekzone thread that @Wakrak linked.

    Just to clarify, your broadband plan term is 12 months, so yes as @Snonoz mentioned any promotions or discounts you have off the standard rate would drop off at the end of the term (these would be broken out on your bill so you’ll know exactly how much).

    After that you can resign onto a new plan with whatever promotions or discounts we have at that time. You can do that on our website which should be much easier than calling (disclaimer, I work on the Enterprise side of things and have no experience with that process).

    If you decide to move to another provider after the 12 month term on your broadband plan, then you would need to pay back the pro-rata remainder of your Super Wifi bundle - the amount would also be listed on your bill every month.

  • Thanks for the information guys.
    Do I need SuperWiFi ? Answer is not really, it would be a nice to have really..
    So I will check with Vodafone, the cost of my plan once the12 month contract is up, if cost will be the same continuing, then I will go for it.
    If cost goes up, then might not..

    • Good approach there I think - try to get it in writing (email?) that the plan will be the same for the second 12 months, or maybe a max increase like 5%.

      • Thanks!
        Looks like I have something in writing already.
        On the email that Vodafone sent me with the details of my broadband renewal.
        It states: $30 discount for the life of plan.
        So I think i'm good to redeem the SuperWiFi.


        • Can confirm: "for the life of the plan" means it won't drop off at the end of the fixed term, only if (when) you resign onto another plan or get another promotional deal.

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